Hot glue is hot.

Once upon a time, I was in my Mama’s bathroom watching her get ready for a Christmas party. As always, she was wearing something fabulous that few people in this world could pull off and shoes that I couldn’t wait to borrow. (Let the record show that even though this was about 25 years ago, I’m quite confident that if I went into the attic right this second, I could indeed borrow those shoes and be completely stylish because of my vintage look.)

I remember Mama retrieved a pair of beautiful ice blue rhinestone earrings that had flowery dangles. Yes, 80s fashion was totally awesome to the max. Deal with it. When she pulled of the backing to one of the earrings, the post came out right along with it. (That was one quality item.)

Mama: “Oh no!”

It’s important to know that at this time in my life, I had an unnatural love for my hot glue gun. I glued EVERYTHING. More than likely, it was already warming up in the living room due to my previously scheduled evening activity of making clothespin reindeer for my teachers while watching the Cosby Show.

I think I even glued the hem of some long pants once because I really wanted to wear them and there just wasn’t time for me to masking tape the bottom together like a normal person.

I smiled as I ran back into the bathroom with the hot glue gun, proud that I was able to come to the rescue with a hot glue emergency. For some reason, I left the bathroom. Perhaps the Cosby Show was starting and I didn’t want to miss a moment of the Huxtable hijinks. Maybe my standard evening meal of Spaghetti O’s and Meatballs was threatening to bubble over on the stove top. It could have been that my sister Jamie was finally paying attention to me with more than a, “I’ll time you to see how fast you can make me a sandwich.”

The point is…I left the hot glue gun in the hands of my mother and walked away.

Moments later, we hear screaming. It sounds as if my Mom has lost and appendage. I run to the bathroom ready to apply pressure to a wound while simultaneously calling 9-1-1. Mama is hopping around, holding her ear shouting.

Lincee: “What? What’s wrong?”
Mama: “I didn’t know it would be so hot!”

I finally get it. And as an elementary school aged kid, I’m stunned. Instead of gluing the post back on to the earring, my smart, responsible, perfectly capable mother glued the illustrious bauble to her own ear.

Needless to say, we had a great time witnessing her pull the monstrosity OFF later that night. Daddy likes to bring this story up whenever we’re in large groups.

And what better group to share than with my IHGB family!

Happy Birthday Mumsy. Stay fabulous.



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Love it. I used and abused the hot glue gun quite a bit back in the day myself. But isn’t it curious that all these years later we can send photos instantly through space TO OUR PHONES but they haven’t figured out a good way to keep the melty glue from seeping out the end of the glue gun??


Speaking of glue guns, you should come check out my fabulous metal shop classroom turned reading intervention room in our old junior high. I’ve glued just about all I can to the cinder block walls and wood paneling. Gotta love HJH! (And your sweet momma! I’ll have to look for her when I’m out and about in town!! Hehehe!)


Your mama shares her birthday with my baby boy. Who is now 25. I love my hot glue gun, pretty sure if I were to ever be fingerprinted there wouldn’t be much there as many times as I have had to peel the glue off my fingertips. I made a set of curtains once using a hotglue gun. I hate sewing and didn’t want to try to thread that stupid needle.

old fan
old fan

I pretty much travel with my glue gun. I too use it sew when I have to. It’s so covered with moss, threads, glitter, etc., that I may have to break down and buy a new one. Love the story and that pic of your mom – she looks like a classic, classy lady.


OMG..this is hysterical…and I love the pic..and from the looks of it, she is fabulous!


LOL with tears galore! Sooooo funny! I have an odd love affair with my HGG and absolutely with the same reindeer ornament!!!
I remember making one as a child and each of my kids now has a matched team of reindeer since I have “graciously volunteered” as homeroom mom to help their classes make the same ornament each year since kindergarten. Now that they are in middle school I guess i should cool it a bit. Ha! It is just so darn cute!
LOVE the pic of your Mom and great story!


Oh, Happy Birthday to your mom! I love your stories and the ornament. We made reindeer from those outide light bulbs…they were the best!


love this! your mama sounds fabulous….and much more blog worthy than anyone on ABC (though, ohch may be right up there with her).

Happy Birthday to Lincee’s Mama!


So funny! Happy birthday to your fabulous mama! You are very blessed to have each other!
p.s. who is Leigh? Can’t wait to hear the story behind that…

SGT Cole
SGT Cole

I thought your mom was hot back in 8th grade “Computer Concepts” class. I feel dirty admitting that…

Brenna Beaver
Brenna Beaver

Get out! I love that story. Loveit, loveit, loveit.

Kimberly Dimmig
Kimberly Dimmig

LOVE all your posts but this is great! First, Happy Belated Birthday to your mom – my b-day is 8/25! Second, I love all your 80’s references – it brings me right back to childhood! The Cosby Show was always watched in my house, plus I, as the big sis always played the “timing” game with my little sis. My favorite was “timing” her to get me a drink so that I could steal the “favorite place” she was occupying on the sofa – hey it was the perfect spot to see the TV while we were watching Dirty Dancing on betamax for the 100th time!


Well…I’m kinda afraid to admit this, but I gave 15 HGGs…12 tiny ones that each have their own colored glue stick, 2 regular ones and 1 low heat one..and a glue stick melting pot… You just can’t be too prepared, a know?