Hotter Than Crap Brad the new Bachelor?

Thank you to all 1,700 friends and fans on Facebook, Twitter and the website who emailed me regarding the current rumor that Hotter Than Crap Brad Womack is considering the position of ABC’s next Bachelor.

I know that we haven’t had a “fresh crop” Bachelor since, well, Mr. HTCB himself and the idea of Fleiss talking him into another season of the reality show we all love to hate is just…in a word…


As I responded to many of you yesterday, I fully support ABC’s decision to extend an invitation and re-introduce America to Hotter Than Crap Brad.

Come with me as I take you down memory lane and share a video I posted back in September of 2007 when the Hot One was first introduced as the next Bachelor. It takes about 15 seconds to get past the Sugar Ray and Leggy Blonde intro, but it’s totally worth it:

Shall we state and ask the obvious?
1. Will that same shower be available again for this next season?
2. Isn’t his accent darling?
3. Can we write into his contract a percentage of shirtless scenes?
4. Perhaps running on the beach shirtless?
5. He wants to find his best friend. Call me Brad.
6. Silver lining: It’s not Jake.
7. If I could only score a photo of HTCB with a Dr Pepper…
8. Bring on the hot tub.

What do you guys think? Will you tune in for another season of Hotter Than Crap Brad? Or do you think ABC is getting lazy? Sound off in the comment section!


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