How have we not talked about this?

First of all…thanks to everyone who has contributed to my song dilemma. I appreciate your insight and have narrowed it down to about four or five choices. Once I decide, I’ll let you know how the kids respond!

On to business…how have we NOT talked about the new lineup for Dancing with the Stars? Check out some of the lineup:

• Lance Bass: Lord help me if he does a robot/space themed number. His saving grace is that So You Think You Can Dance golden girl Lacey Schwimmer is he partner. She will be able to pull focus from his awkwardness.

• Ted McGinley: Resident funny old guy

• Cloris Leachman: She is 82-years-old and will be dancing with Mark’s Dad, Corky Ballas. I’m going to go ahead and say that I will probably love them.

• Kim Kardashian: Isn’t it ironic that Mark Ballas drew her name? And Lacey drew Lance’s name? Young hotties with young hotties seems to be the direction ABC is going.

• Maurice Green: He’s an Olympic gold medalist who has been paired with Cheryl Burke. I can only assume that he will be a dark horse competitor that Cheryl whips into shape.

• Misty May-Treanor: She’s cute, but THANK YOU LORD that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is BACK!

• Susan Lucci: Poor Tony. He always gets stuck with these women. Maybe it’s on purpose and he doesn’t want a bunch of heavy choreography. That HAS to be it.

• Cody Linley: He’s young and cute and with adorable Julianne Hough. Again…hottie with hottie.

• Brooke Burke: I can already see the “are they dating” packages suggesting they are secretly together. There’s one of those every year.

These are the ones I’m most excited about seeing. What do you guys think? The season before last is still my favorite. Will Julianne and Cheryl come back to win three? Will Mark repeat his win? Will Cloris have to roll around an oxygen tank at rehearsals? How many weeks will it be before Kim starts showing off her “assets?” Do you think ABC will air Misty’s “dance” moves from the beach from the Olympics even though it was on NBC? If so, do you think they will run it into the ground? Will Maksim be your new wallpaper on your computer as it is mine? Do you think Joey Fatone will be in the audience every Monday night in support of his band mate Lance? Will Lacey get in trouble with mugging with the camera instead of her partner? Who’s pumped to hear what wackiness issues forth from Tom Bergeron’s mouth? Do you think there’s something, something going on between Len and Bruno under that table? And does everyone love saying Carrie Ann Inaba like that announcer dude says every week?


It’s the IHGB Dancing With the Stars soap box. Step up and be heard!


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