Hung like a light switch

50269-largeNow there’s a sentence I never expected to write on my website. 

Seriously Brian.  Words can hardly express my reaction to your slow motion strip tease.  Yes, it was mainly due to the fact that I was quite literally behind the sofa cushion because I was embarrassed for you and could only muster enough courage to occasionally peek out and see the other boys laughing.  Plus, I was watching the beloved event with my Dad. 

Not awkward.  At all.

I’m in East Texas for work this week.  Therefore, the recap will be up late tomorrow.  I’m visiting rigs and don’t expect to be home early at all.  In the meantime, feel free to talk amongst yourselves here. 

I’ll give you a topic:  Jillian goes in for the kiss already puckering her lips.  Is this odd or cute?  Are you loving Michael as much as I am?  Is it me or does Jake have just a touch of crazy in him?  Discuss.


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I think Dave has a touch of crazy in him – did he actually say he’d like to tie Juan to a post and beat the crap out of him? Sheesh – sounds like he’d lead a lynch mob – not exactly the type of thing I’d like to hear. Why was he SOO bent out of shape that Juan didn’t drink that shot? I guarantee if Juan would have simply said he didn’t want one (instead of silently pouring it out – which I didn’t see but probably happened), he would have been all over him for that too – saying he was a goodie goodie or something. I think David needs to go home big time.

I’m liking the edit ABC is giving Jake – he is adorable – I don’t see crazy in him (but maybe I’m wrong).

PS: Nice misspelling of the word “your” on one of the clues, ABC intern.


Agree Karen, Dave is crazy scary, way too bent on kickin’ somebody’s a**. I liked several of the guys, but definitely thought Wes and Juan were a little phony. I felt like Jake was sweet, but maybe a little too anxious to get in a relationship.
Ed = Cute. Reid = Cute. Brad = Maybe he’s the edit.
Can’t wait for the blog.


So what is the deal with Mathue going home, but keeping foot fetish Tanner? I had a non-Bachelorette friend call me in the middle of the show. Did I miss something that Mathue did wrong?

I did notice a strange pucker from Jillian. Looks like she’s going to get ample practice to get her technique down.

witchy woman
witchy woman

These boys are giving past bachelorettes a run for their money in the crazy train department!!! Not getting a good vibe from quite a few! Dave is scary mean, Tanner is STILL freaky with the foot fetish (GIVE IT A REST, DUDE!!), Wes is full of himself (duh!) and Jake seems just too good to be true (sorry gals). The washboard ab showing and thrusting was a little cringe worthy. And………did the red boots seems too big for our gal Jill? I swear I thought she looked like she was playing dress up in them!

A quick shout out to my BFF, in Texas (not Lincee), who has a birthday today!


Okay, so Brian really does not know how to read women, we do not care to see your junk floppying around in the air on the first week…. You should have kept your clothes on…. And then, admit on national television that “it was a little cold there”… oh my, I would have kicked you out too without giving it a second thought…
I have to agree with Reid, I think Wes is on the show to get publicity for his music- He does not a bit interested on her and you can tell that from a mile away, all he wants is camera action…plus I think he will be the one with a girlfriend..
Yummy, there is something about that Ed, he is McLust- sooooo charming and misterious, I like that!!


My fiance and I are obsessed with coming up with more lyrics to Wes’s song. Unfortunately, we could only come up with one more line:

Wes: They say love don’t come eeeeaaaaaasy
Us: I’ll be your George, you’ll be my Weeeeeezy

C’mon, everybody now. Sing!


Maybe it’s the way I’m seeing the edit, but I adore Jake. David has got to go! That boy is CRAZY!!! And seriously Brian? Hung like a light switch? *shakes head* Wes is totally there for the publicity. I wonder who it is that supposedly has a girlfriend back home. Didn’t some guy say last week that 3 guys supposedly do. Hmmm….. Poor Jill!

And to #6 Susan, ROFLMBO!! Too funny!


I don’t know where ABC found these jokers, but did the ABC interns take away their crazy meds when they moved into the bunkhouse? David with his roid rage, Brian with his strip tease/jump in the pool, Tanner Feet with his old foot fetish. This is quite the bunch.

Jake still seems sweet to me, but maybe a little over eager (kind of reminds me of Jeremy from DeAnna’s season and seems to be getting the same kind of edit). I still like Kiptyn and added Reid to my list of good ones this week. Wes drives me crazy, wish he wasn’t still around. I liked Mathue too, but I think the guys who are in their mid-twenties are going to end up being not old/mature enough for Jillian.

Jilian has certainly gotten off to great start with the kissing! At this pace she might kiss more peeps that Jason chach did ;-).


Okay -so I have oil property in east Texas – or mid Texas – Midland. There are lots of Helmses there and the Bushes of course. Hope they dig deeper — cause I need a big check this month.

Back to Jillian. It made me homesick — I just left L.A.working and lived close to Venice Beach.

You know, so many of those guys are such party animals – loud and unruley. It’s kind of sad – the whole scenario. I really like Juan the best of all – he’s much tamer and real – that is, if he’s not a phoney.
I read on one comment/Web site a post from someone who knows Wes, the Texas country singer and he said that he’s just there for his career – that he’s just that type.

But,Jillian is so adorable and real —- she deserves a nice guy — I hope there’s one in the bunch.
Unless we learn differently, I’m on Team Juan.


#1 – I noticed the “your” instead of “you’re” on the clue too. Whoops!


Did anyone notice how Tanner and Michael were sitting on the couch. All snuggled up to eachother – Tanner had his arm around him – very awkward! Makes me wonder if they bat for the other team? And if so, why they would be on this show?


#6 Susan – love it!! You definitely have a future in songwriting! 😉

Any time Dave was on camera last night, all I could keep thinking was, “If this dude was living in a different time period, he would totally be the one to drag a woman by the hair back to his cave.” I cannot express how supremely annoyed I was with him and all his “Man Code” bluster.
And, you know, I like men who are men…I guess you would say a “man’s, man”. That doesn’t bother me at all. Crazy jealous, crazy anger management issues…just crazy in general doesn’t work for me.
By the way, what is exactly is the Man Code? I tried to get it out of my husband, but he swore up and down he didn’t know. Actually, he claimed that until Mathue started crying in his exit interview, then he quickly said, “I may not know exactly what the Man Code is, but that has definitely got to be part of it. No crying on national television!!”


First – I think guys like Dave don’t translate well on TV. Quite honestly, I too would like to punch Juan in the face. A little testosterone in a man is a GOOD thing.

Tanner and his foot OBSESSION freaks me out.

Ed is a little yummy.

And Olivia, I totally agree – it is VERY obvious that Wes isn’t interested in her. He even said “tonight is all about me.” I’m ready for him to GO.

Is anyone else getting annoyed by Jillian’s self-depricating speaches that she’s not hot? While parading around LA in a bikini? Yeah, you’re an absolute cow.


I didn’t see any crazy in Jake, I adored him! But, you called a red flag on David, who I also thought was sweet after he got all tripped up on his words last week, and boy were you right about him! Dude is psycho!!

I’m actually with David on the not liking Juan thing, but David is taking it to scary extremes.

Not liking Wes either – definitely think he’s in it for the music career boost.

Right now I’m loving Jake and I’m intrigued by Ed and Reid and hope they both get some more air time next week.


I thought that Jilli was just adorable when she confessed that she really didn’t notice what she and Kiptyn were talking about, she just wanted to make out with him…hey Jilli! ME TOO!!! He’s definitely in my top 3 list. I also really like Jake, but I’ve got a special thing for guys who can fly planes upside down, before we even get to the abs!

I liked Juan last week and I still like him okay, but there is zero chemistry between him and our girl and so I think he won’t be around that very much longer. Hopefully she’ll see through Wes and his faux soulful routine with the really bad country music – I don’t see myself exactly rushing out to buy that album, guess he bombed out of the American Idol auditions.

Tanner has to go. Dave has to go – I never saw anything cute in him and now? Yecch. MIchael is ADORABLE but too young for our Jilli. Watch out for baseball Mike and Ed as the dark horses, and also maybe Brad and maybe Jesse. But I’m on Team Jake! And maybe also Team Kiptyn! You go Jillian – keep coming up with great ideas for shirtless activities for the boys – I just loved the Amazing Race crossover, maybe make them eat a rat or 2?