I had my money on six months…

Who called it? Did anyone guess that it would be only four months before our beloved DD and Jesse called it quits? ABC must be letting them out of their binding contracts early. I’m assuming they don’t want this to interfere with all the publicity that will surround Jason and Ty this spring before the new installment of The Bachelor. So they let DDAHnna kick Jess to the curb.

Or else a certain family member was involved in the sudden break-up of America’s next Trista and Ryan.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the news. I think it’s best that we hear from Jesse himself as to what really happened.

It’s good that he decided to let it all out on his website. Bless his heart.

Did you hear that? Me too. It’s Mr. Pappas issuing forth a huge sigh of relief. Send the riff raff back to the snowy mountain where he belongs!

My money is on DD being engaged in the next year. To an Atlanta lawyer or entrepreneur. And Jesse will be with some hoochie mama at a charity event in two weeks.

What do you guys think?


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