I heard Don Draper was going to be there

So naturally I set my DVR to record Saturday Night Live.  And let me tell you dear reader…

It wasn’t that bad!

I found myself laughing out loud at his opening monologue.  The Barnes & Noble skit was funny.  His cameo in the digital short was gross but still made me chuckle.  His Scott Brown spoof made me giggle several times. 

But this was my favorite by far:

Look at that.  Don Draper and Michael Bubbly.  Together.  Being funny.  I couldn’t ask for more.  I should start a new category since I’ve posted about moments like this here and here.  I shall call it “Lincee’s Crossroads.”

Of course, I welcome any Crossroads suggestions to be considered for future posts.  I’ve already sent Our Host Chris Harrison a request to video himself drinking a Dr Pepper.

Fingers crossed!


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