I think they got it right…for the most part


Bradley Cooper has been named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive! And my boy Ryan got the small JV picture box below him. Woo hoo!  It goes to show that when you make the official iHateGreenBeans Hall of Fame, you are destined to be featured in this magazine!  You rock Will Tippin.  Love ya.  Mean it.

Now.  On to the special part of this post.

What in the world is sweet, hotter than crap Bradley wearing in this cover photo?  COME ON!  It appears that the wardrobe department pilfered Mr. Roger’s closet for the clothes he used while yachting just outside the neighborhood in the marina. What is up with the cardigan? Is he auditioning for the lead role in A Pirate Movie?  I get that navy stripes are totally in, but this feels a bit feminine, don’t you think? Especially when you have this to work with:

or this…

or this…

Clearly People Magazine needs to hire me as a consultant next year.  I’m obviously the perfect person for the job.


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