If I was one of the seven dwarfs…take two

I’d be Dopey this go around.

Faithful readers…I figured one day it would happen. And last night it did. My buddy, my beloved DVR failed to record the one show that I really needed him to record. I could leave it at that sentence and let you curse the digital recording companies and shake your fists in fury.

But that would be misleading.

The reason my DVR friend failed to record is because I never set him to record. While watching something extremely educational and good for me on TV last week, I quickly hit the record button to capture David Beckham leaving the Ellen Show without his shirt on so I could have that moment in time saved for as long as possible. Who wouldn’t, right? Once the show concluded, I immediately looked at my LIST to watch it again, because let’s face it…he’s hotter than crap.

To my surprise and shock, David (or Ellen) was NOT listed. So I tried again. I hit the record button while Will & Grace was playing for the seventh time that day on Lifetime Television for Women. Red button illuminated. Looking good. Show over. Hit LIST.

And nothing.

Knowing that “So You Think You Can Dance” was coming on the next night, I high tailed it over to Comcast the next day to trade in my beloved DVR. So sad that there were three weeks of unwatched Young and the Restless episodes on there, but I got over it.

New, shiny DVR in hand, I rush home and install. I set it to record SYTYCD and old reruns of The Office. No Bachelorette. Clearly I was on crack that day.

Last night I return home from a meeting at about 9:45. I call my sister to tell her something random and silly and she says that she’s watching the show and Our Host Chris Harrison is holding his hands in that annoying triangle that represents, “I love all people. You are welcome here.”

I get the laptop situated, grabbed the remote and went to my list.

Nothing. I was sick.

Call Jamie back and tell her that I’m a horrible recap person and should be ashamed for making you people wait an extra day two weeks in a row! She tells me to suck it up and get over it. People are not perfect. Not everyone is Snow White. There are some Dopey’s in the world.

She’s right. Next week I promise to be Happy. Or at least Punctual. I’m hoping to watch online tonight or find a friend who still has it recorded. Fingers crossed that I can post tomorrow!

So go on…chat it up without me again. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my email I got from Our Host Chris Harrison as to why the random “DD TELLS ALL” was in the middle of the season. Until then, keep it clean. Love your cyber neighbor. And don’t hate me because I’m Dopey.


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