IHGB Movie Review: ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’

Bridget Jones’s Baby
Rated: R
Starring: Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey

The Trailer:

The Gist: Bridge is prego, y’all!

My Thoughts:

  1. Had I been in charge of the title, it would have read Bridget Jones’ Baby.
  2. Never fear — it’s better than Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.
  3. If you liked the first movie, you will like this one. It’s a familiar story line, except Bridget’s diary is replaced with a baby and McDreamy is the new Hugh Grant.
  4. Bridget’s paper diary is now an iPad. We’ve come a long way.
  5. Bridget is also skinny. I guess Renee Zellweger made sure she didn’t have to gain 30 pounds in this particular movie contract.
  6. All the quirky characters you love all come back for small parts and cameos in this film. Bridget’s mum and dad, Jude, Shazza, Tom and even Aunt Una make appearances. Shazza still curses like a sailor, but this time in front of her kids. She’s my favorite.
  7. Mark Darcy is obviously a big part of this movie and is the exact same Mark Darcy I have always been drawn to like a moth to a flame. Or a normal person to a sleeve of season Oreos. Sure he’s aged a bit (haven’t we all?), but he’s the same guy with a stiff exterior that visibly softens when Bridget enters a room. He still loves her so much. Just the way she is.
  8. The movie would have been a big giant snooze fest had we not been introduced to the third point of Bridget’s love triangle: Jack the Hottie. Patrick Dempsey is downright adorable. He is the exact opposite of the evil Daniel Cleaver who broke Bridge’s heart once upon a time. Ironically, he’s a more available version of Mark Darcy. Take Daniel’s charm and Darcy’s passion for Bridget and you have a pretty nice mixture named Jack. He’s just what our girl needs in her life right now. Plus, Jack is a love guru. And he can juggle. Swoon.
  9. Emma Thompson is glorious. She plays Bridget’s doctor and has impeccable comedic timing. She is my favorite part of the entire movie, excluding Patrick Dempsey’s eyes, body, hair and five o’clock shadow.
  10. You will laugh until your stomach hurts the last 30 minutes of the movie.

Survey Says
I went into Bridget Jones’s Baby thinking I wouldn’t like it. I believe my low expectations resulted in a much more jovial experience than what I was anticipating. Although I did miss that rascal Hugh Grant, Patrick Dempsey owned his role and actually made me care about who Bridget would choose in the end. Take some girlfriends and go see this movie if you’re in the mood for a good laugh!

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AMEN to #1!!! I haven’t seen it but that always bugs me!


I actually saw it during a screening and like you Lincee I had very low expectations (being a sequel and all). I ended up really liking it a lot. I remember the original which my kids got me as a Christmas present and I became obsessed with it watching it 3 or 4 times that week. I was so glad this one was in line with the first. I really liked her co worker on this one too.


Re: point #1, I completely agree! This has bugged me since I first heard about this movie!


Actually, a dissent to your #1, when it is a proper noun that ends with s, APA and MLA styles say that the ‘s should be added (as it is here with Jones’s). Hope it bugs everyone a little less 🙂


To second KJM, so does the Chicago Manual of Style, which most book publishers follow.
Fun review, Lincee! You are so right about the baby being the diary! Can’t decide whether I hope there’s a no. 4 in the cards . . .

Rosie W
Rosie W

LOVED IT!! My favorite part of the whole movie was Jack and Mark trying to get her to the hospital (especially in the door!!). Laughed.Out.Loud!!!!


I agree, I didn’t go in with high expectations but ended up really enjoying it.