IHGB Movie Review: ‘Ghostbusters’

Rated: PG-13
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon
The Trailer:

The Gist: Who you you gonna call this time? Same song, second verse + female busters

My Thoughts:

  1. It’s sort of like the first one, but not. That’s a vague enough description for you, right?
  2. Seriously, there are a lot of similarities and you will giggle at the throwback of it all, but these four fearsome ladies give the story a fresh twist.
  3. You’ll definitely see a lot of cameos. Listen for die hards in the audience to squeal with delight.
  4. Melissa McCarthy is more of a “straight man” character. We rarely see her in this role. I liked it. She’s more grounded in the science behind the paranormal than the one who goes for the gag or the big laugh. That wonderful job goes to the INCREDIBLE Kate McKinnon.
  5. Kate is hilarious. In fact, you may laugh so hard at some of her lines that you miss the following dialog. She creates such interesting quirks for her characters that endear her to the audience as we shake our heads at the ridiculousness of it all. She’s the nerdy, brilliant brains of the group and is straight up weird. She was my favorite Ghostbuster by far. She’s also the best thing that has happened to Saturday Night Live since Kristen Wiig left.
  6. Speaking of Kristen, she was very “Kristen” in this role. Although she was slimed (past-tense of slime) more than any of the others, her flirtatious (read: incredibly awkward) encounters with Ghostbusters Incorporated administrative assistant were cringe-worthy. In a good way. Because I would have done the exact same thing had Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) walked into my establishment asking for a job. Yes, please.
  7. Leslie Jones can convey so much with just her facial expressions. She was the big, loud actor and had more one-liners than I can count. Her smile is infectious.
  8. I have to go back to Chris Hemsworth for a second. Lordy. The dude is so freaking handsome, it actually hurts my eyes to watch him on the big screen. He plays a dumb blond and absolutely nails it. Make sure to stay in your seat during the closing credits because Hemsworth showcases his dancing skills. It’s as epic as you are imagining right now.
  9. Full disclosure: There are parts of the movie where I found myself daydreaming a bit. But the girls always brought me back with a witty line or fun action sequence.
  10. I hid my eyes four times because I was afraid of a ghost or what a ghost might do. This movie was borderline scary for me. Please note that I am a wimp when it comes to anything that remotely touches the realm of frighting. Frightning images and sounds stick to me like grits.
  11. During the screening I attended, there was a row of men and women dressed as Ghostbusters, complete with coveralls and proton packs that actually lit up and made noises. I asked one girl the name of her fan group and she looked at me funny and said, “Uhm, we’re actual Ghostbusters.” Judging by the looks of her friends, I know with every fiber in my being that she claims her occupation as truth. Considering my aversion to the paranormal, I say GO FOR IT, weird Ghostbusters chick! May the ectoplasm be sparse and the hunt be bountiful.
  12. Y’all. He’s so pretty.

Ghostbusters Hemsworth

Survey Says
I think you should definitely see Ghostbusters in the theater. Be prepared for a light and airy, fun-filled romp!

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3 years ago

He is. He’s so, so pretty. His brother, too. What’s up with that gene pool!?!

3 years ago

My kids are 8 and 10 and want to see it really bad….they have seen the original and the previews, but what is your opinion for kids??


3 years ago

I loooved this movie! My two boys (ages 3 and 6) are obsessed with the two originals, so my husband and I took them along to see it with us. Probably not the best parenting move! IMDB’s Parents Guide says it’s no scarier than the originals, but that’s not true! (Funnily enough, my three year old was less scared than my six year old – but that’s their personalities.) I want to go see it again without the kids because I missed a few lines and scenes covering my six year old’s eyes!

3 years ago

omg!!! I need this movie now!!

Sarah N.
Sarah N.
3 years ago

I’m so glad you liked this, because I’d heard mixed things about it and was super bummed. I trust your judgment, though. And thanks for the warnings about the scary bits–I am also a super wimp about scary things (when other people say, “Oh, it’s not scary!” I have to explain my extremely low threshold. I think it just means we have really good imaginations).

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