IHGB Movie Review: The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie
Rated: PG
Starring: Will Arnett, Michael Cera, and Zach Galifianakis

The Trailer:

The Gist: Always be yourself — unless you can be Batman.

My Thoughts:

  • If you have a kid in your life who is a fan of LEGOS, go see this movie.
  • If you have a person in your life who is a fan of Batman, go see this movie.
  • If you know someone who thinks Will Arnett is hilarious, go see this movie.
  • If you know someone who thinks Will Arnett’s voice is epic, go see this movie.
  • If you loved the first LEGO movie, but you don’t have a superhero background, you probably won’t like it as much as you liked the first one.
  • If you’re wondering if Batman has the storyline to carry an entire movie around his character, guess what? He does.
  • Batman speaks my love language — sarcasm.
  • I dare you to NOT look up the cast roster for this movie. See if you can figure out who all of the voices are on your own.
  • There are several cameos by famous bad guys that have nothing to do with the DC Universe. These special moments made my heart melt.
  • Michael Cera as Robin is my new favorite LEGO character. **And RRRRIIIIPPPPP!**
  • You will love the part when Robin picks out his official costume.
  • Is it weird that I think the LEGO version of Bruce Wayne is attractive? Do I need to get out more?
  • Do not go in thinking that there will be an “Everything is Awesome” song. There isn’t.
  • However, the LEGO Batman soundtrack is pretty good.
  • I may have felt sorry for the Joker once or twice.
  • We all need an Alfred Pennyworth in our lives.
  • I laughed hard.
  • You will start calling your computer by the name of ‘Puter.
  • I feel like I need to see it again because the joke density is so deep. I probably missed a lot of funny stuff!

Survey Says:
Let the record show that I am a superhero geek to the core. I prefer Marvel over DC, but Batman is my jam. (Full disclosure: Captain America is my number one guy.) I enjoyed every second of LEGO Batman and give it a hearty two toe thumbs up!

Photo By: Warner Bros.
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3 years ago

Glad you clarified about that song. That was on my mind! Thanks!

3 years ago

I really have no reason to see this movie but I’m going to because I’ve heard Will Arnett is so good as Batman. Thank you for confirming my decision!

3 years ago

I LOVED this movie!!! I thought The LEGO Movie was funny, but this one blew it away (in my opinion)! I definitely want to see it again. And I would totally go on a date Will Arnett’s Bruce Wayne/Batman 🙂

Katie A.
Katie A.
3 years ago

Saw it today and loved it! I laughed the whole time!

3 years ago

I laughed from beginning to end. It was awesome! however, I can’t wait to watch it again at home with the subtitles on. I felt like I missed too many things because of the sound of my own laughter. I will confess that I am the antithesis of the a superhero movie fan, but this was hysterical and I can’t wait to see it again!

3 years ago

I was trying to figure out who’s voice Batman’s was the whole time! I kept thinking it was David Puddy (Patrick Warburton), who was Elaine’s boyfriend in some of the Seinfeld episodes!! Cute movie!

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