IHGB Movie Review: The Man Who Invented Christmas

IHGB Movie Review: The Man Who Invented Christmas

Rated: PG

Starring: Dan Stevens and Christopher Plummer

The Trailer:

The Gist: The Man Who Invented Christmas is a little more detailed than Mickey Mouse’s version of A Christmas Carol.

My Thoughts:

  • The first thing that pops into my head is: “Your kids will be bored.” Bah humbug, amiright?
  • The story of how Charles Dickens came up with the details behind the classic A Christmas Carol is interesting, and the writers definitely take certain liberties, but the pace is that of a decrepit turtle.
  • Dan Stevens’ eyes are to die for.
  • His wig is not.
  • Christopher Plummer is the perfect Scrooge, except for the times (yes, multiple) I could have sworn he was asleep on set. I’ll give him a pass. Captain Von Trapp has been around for a while. Nappers gotta nap.
  • This movie is NOT a Christmas movie. Please do not take your entire family to sit and enjoy a lovely film displaying decked halls and jingle bells. Apart from the very, very end, there are no decorations, carols, or music.
  • In fact, it’s partly anti-Christmas. English people living in London during the Victorian era didn’t really participate in the holiday. Charlie wants to change that.
  • You’ll chuckle a few times courtesy of Christopher Plummer.
  • Take a sip from the Dr Pepper you snuck into the movie theater every time Charles is interrupted in his study. #drinkinggame
  • I thought Tiny Tim was mediocre. Is something wrong with me?

Survey Says:
I get that you’re looking at this review and thinking that I totally phoned it in. The sad part is…I didn’t. The Man Who Invented Christmas isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s not entertaining either.It’s neither satisfying nor memorable. It’s neither broth nor a hearty stew. Let’s call it the safe choice in the middle, like lentil soup. I would save your pennies for this one and wait until it comes out in the RedBox. At the RedBox? Inside the RedBox?

And God bless us every one!

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2 years ago

Bummer , I really really really wanted this to be a great movie. Thanks for the review!

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