I’m a sucker for an accent

Drew Lachey is really using his 15 minutes of fame since he won Dancing with the Stars a few seasons back. Not only is he hosting DANCE WAR dance war, (you have to whisper the second one) but he had the honor of introducing to America…or the 472 people who watch DANCE WAR dance war … to the next Bachelor!

Meet Matt Grant. Here’s the 411:

– 27-years-old

– 6’5″

– A global financier

– Considers himself a gentleman

– Loves a flirty woman

– Youngest of five brothers

– Has never seen The Bachelor

Oh yeah…and he’s British. I think he’s going to grow on me like his native cousin Hugh Grant did back during his Four Weddings and a Funeral days.

Break out the champagne, hot tub and cricket bats! We’re going across the pond people! Show starts March 17.


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