I’m going to Disney World!

Many of you know how much I love Disney World. I adore it. Even the large lady who fell on me at Peter Pan could not deter me from being a fan of Uncle Walt’s creation. It’s one of my happy places.

I’ll be returning in a few weeks with my friends Connie and Stephanie. It’s been a few years since I visited The World, but I feel so much has changed. I need direction. I need advice. I need some of y’all to plan this bad boy for me!

We are going to the Halloween party. Never fear, costumes have been sewn (thank you Stephanie) and hats have been made (thank you Connie) and candy corn has been purchased (you’re welcome Connie and Stephanie.) Other than attending the party back in 1998 when I worked in Magic Kingdom, I’ve never been. Teach me, oh wise Disney people. What should we not miss? Are the rumors true? Do you really get name brand candy in the trick-or-treat lines? And do cast members look down upon grown adults strolling up to partake?

What about the newly expanded Disney Springs. We are going to eat there the first night, but I have a slight problem. THERE ARE SO MANY CHOICES!!! Which restaurant deserves our business?

Speaking of restaurants, talk to me about your favorite Disney World eating establishments. I want counter service, sit down and can’t miss snack recommendations. This includes carts, dessert counters, random corners in the World Showcase at EPCOT, etc. We will be pretty much staying in the parks all day long, so don’t worry about resort recommendations.

I also need someone to fill me in on the whole Star Wars section of Hollywood Studios. What’s the deal? I hear there’s a night show. Where should I stand? Is it the same time as Fantasmic? Can I ask Chewbacca to marry me or is that weird?


What shows should we make sure to see? Which ones do you think are skippable? Is skippable a word? SOMEONE HELP ME.

Clearly, I need Disney World guidance. Feel free to give it your all in the comments section. I’m counting on y’all! Thank you!


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