What I’m watching: Part 2

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Last week I shared a few of my favorite shows debuting this fall. I admit that there were actually twice as many newbies, but I didn’t want to look like a freak for being super excited about the new TV season.

This post is dedicated to RETURNING shows and I have decided to let my freak flag fly full force in order for you to truly appreciate the contents of my DVR. Before you email me with growing concerns that I spend too much time in front of my TV, let the record show that since the invention of the DVR, I am actually SAVING time by fast forwarding through commercials. I am also way more social because I never have to rush out during dinner with friends or at Bible study to catch the beginning of 19 Kids and Counting.

This is my list. I am very proud of it. Share it. Enjoy it. Own it. [mic drop]

Monday Lineup:

Show: Dancing with the Stars
Debuted: September 15
Why I’m watching: Cousin Carlton is a contestant. Do you need another reason?

Show: Castle
Debuts: September 29
Why I’m watching: Richard Castle always has, and always will be, one of my favorite TV boyfriends. And I want Beckett’s hair. Truly. In a Tammi Taylor sort of way.

Show: The Originals
Debuts: October 6
Why I’m Watching: There are vampires. They don’t sparkle, but they do run wild in New Orleans. And the fact that this is a pretty decent spin-off of my favorite vampire show ever definitely helps the cause.

Tuesday Lineup:

Show: Agents of Shield
Debuted: September 23
Why I’m Watching: These are the people who work for superheroes. I could totally do that for a living. You know, if they needed a company newsletter or something.

Show: About a Boy
Debuts: October 14
Why I’m Watching: I have been a fan of Minnie Driver since her Good Will Hunting Days. I also adore the kid in this show and have strong affections for David Walton ever since me played Sam on New Girl. He’s also sarcastic, which as y’all know, is my love language.

funny entertainment blog-About a Boy

Show: New Girl
Debuted: September 16
Why I’m Watching: A. I love it. B. Nick Miller is my other TV boyfriend. C. I’m covering the show for Entertainment Freaking Weakly. D. I believe I should show this clip on my website as many times as possible until it no longer becomes relevant…which will be never.

Show: The Mindy Project
Debuted: September 16
Why I’m Watching: I am convinced that Mindy Kaling and I were Siamese twins separated at birth because we share a brain.

Show: 19 Kids and Counting
Debuted: September 2
Why I’m watching: Because the Dugger Family is amazing.

Wednesday Lineup:

Show: The Goldbergs
Debuts: September 24
Why I’m watching: I am a child of the 80s and it is in my DNA to watch this show.

Show: Modern Family
Debuts: September 24
Why I’m watching: I keep asking myself that, but I press on. I’m no quitter. I finish what I start.

Show: Nashville
Debuts: September 24
Why I’m watching: Nashville speaks to my country soul. Especially when this guy is on screen. Long live Deacon’s pearl snap and tight Wranglers. Hey Deacon. Call me if Tammi Taylor chooses Luke. I’ll totally marry you.

Thursday Lineup:

Show: Big Bang Theory
Debuts: September 22
Why I’m Watching: There’s no other explanation other than nerd love.

Show: Parenthood
Debuts: September 25
Why I’m Watching: I want the Bravermans to adopt me. Is that so wrong?

Show: Vampire Diaries
Debuts: October 2
Why I’m Watching: I just can’t help myself. Damon is too pretty not to watch every week.

Saturday Lineup:

Show: Outlander
Debuted: August
Why I’m Watching: Read all about it here. Or just look at this.

Sunday Lineup:

Show: Once Upon a Time
Debuts: September 28
Why I’m Watching: I watched at the beginning because it was intriguing. I was interested in watching fairy tales from a different perspective. Now it’s all over the map. I wan to let it go, but I can’t now that Frozen characters are living in Storybrook. (See what I did there? Does the joke become void when you point out the joke?)

Show: Revenge
Debuts: September 28
Why I’m watching: I’m convinced that my friend Rebecca and I are the only two people watching this modern day soap opera. And I’m completely fine with that! I’LL CALL YOU MONDAY REBECCA!

Okay. I’m ready for whatever you have for me. Are there shows I missed? Are you watching the same ones as me? Are you silently blessing my heart for such a long list? Discuss in the comment section!


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