Iron Man

I’m not a comic book nerd, but I’m a fan of all the their hero movies (Spider, Super, Bat) and love action films. I typically don’t anticipate these comic book movies months in advance or stand in line for hours to be the first in the theater on opening weekend.

With that said, I suggest you go see Iron Man. Today. Take your Mother. It’s that good.

Robert Downey Jr. is amazing. Plus…Gwenneth Paltrow barely got on my nerves.

And did I mention RDJ? Hotter than crap. I’m just saying.

Go see it.


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Catherinette Singleton

Boyfriend looks uber hot in those welding scenes. Mama likey.


did you all stay until the very end of the credits to see “him” ?


I actually did stay through the credits and saw “him.” Someone told me or I would have never sat through 19 bazillion (it’s a real number) key grip credits. I smell a sequel!


I sat through the credits too. My husband got a tad annoyed considering the credits went on for 15 minutes or so…

Great movie!

Aggie Fan
Aggie Fan

Hotter than Crap? That is reserved for Brad….even if he is a tool….but that is not my opinion of him…I thought he was pretty stand up for not being fake with either DeAnna or Jenny….

Anyhooo, if Lincee says RDJ is “hotter than crap”, I am going to have to go see this movie…because Lincee is ALWAYS right!


I am SO not a fan of GP – but if you said she hardly annoyed you, I may be able to sit through this film without stabbing myself in the eye with a plastic spoon. Because that’s how much she bugs me.


I agree, I don’t do comics but I LOVED this movie…I had to drag my husband! Though RDJ was amazing and HOT HOT HOT!


RDJ is hotter than crap. Wow has he been workin out. Now we get to see TTH, RDJ and Mr. Him’s fine oolala. Daddy stayed for the credits and was ammused about the whole hotter than crap stuff from me. I am old and married. Loved this movie. Loved it! Can’t wait for the Avenger:) Suprised Gwenny would be in a flick about the USA since she hates it here so much. That said it was the hottest almost kiss I’ve seen on the screen in a while. Just go see the film.