It’s a Love Story

My friend Lara recently finished watching all five seasons of Alias. She was immediately sucked into the epic love story of special agent Sydney Bristow and her hotter than crap handler Michael Vaughn. Who cares that she caught this train roughly a decade after the rest of us? I choose to celebrate that she now understands what I’ve been talking about for the last 13 years.

Once the binge watching was over, Lara took the appropriate amount of time to mourn before asking a very poignant question: “Why did I have to go back to 2002 for an epic love story? Where are the Sydneys and Vaughns on my DVR?”

Lara and I are friends because we share a need for a good love story. Some of you have no idea what to do with people like us when we ramble on about true love, romantic kisses we save on our DVR and our ability to have serious conversations about the best TV couples of all time. You roll your eyes and virtually pat us on the head, unable to empathize with the mushy feelings that well up when the guy finally gets with the girl and they know that life will never be the same again.

Allow me to provide you with a list of relationships that hold special places in my heart as ultimate examples of “the good love story”:

  • Sydney and Vaughn
  • Ross and Rachel
  • Jim and Pam
  • Summer and Seth
  • Joey and Pacey
  • Luke and Lorelai
  • Wade and Zoe
  • Elena and Insert Salvatore Brother Here (I’m Team Damon.)

I know what you’re thinking. What about Coach Taylor and his wife Tami? First of all, clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose, TEXAS FOREVER. Second, I feel like they were an amazing example of what a functional marriage looks like. LOVE THEM, but their story wasn’t very lovey dovey to me. Let the record show that Castle and Beckett would have once been on my list too, but they just aren’t quite there anymore. Lara and I have discussed this in length.

Where did the romance go? Why did the epic love story fall off the writer’s vision board in lieu of murder, sex and scandalous acts of betrayal? Do we all agree that something needs to be done about this huge gap in modern-day television? What “ships” (that’s what the kids are calling it nowadays) do you miss?

PS: All my hopes are resting on Sheldon/Amy and Nick/Jess at this point!


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