It’s Not Easy Being Green

Just got back from seeing Wicked in LA. Might I say that Megan Hilty and Eden Espinosa are absolutely amazing. Run…do not walk to see this show.

It didn’t even bother me that the old man next to me asked why the audience was cheering “the green girl” when she hadn’t done anything. Or the fact that two of the tallest beings on the planet naturally sat in front of me. Or that the lady’s thigh on my left was seeping into my chair space.

It was that good.

I got teary eyed (what?) during “Defying Gravity” and I can’t get “Popular” out of my head. Absolutely loved Galinda (the guh is silent) and have deemed her my new favorite musical character.

Tomorrow I’m off to Bakersfield to visit some rigs. Now there’s potential for a good blog entry!

Until then, how much do we love WICKED!?!?


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