It’s official

You know you’ve made it when your editor asks you to write and submit your bio to be included on the website you’ve been writing for for several months.  It was a simple request really.  I was to provide a brief history about myself and then concludes with my Top 10 favorite movies of all time.

You know you’re disturbed when you respond to the editor telling him that choosing your Top 10 favorite movies is like choosing your favorite child…if you had any children.

Seriously Editor?  You want me to water down all the movies for ALL TIME into a list of just 10?  Should I figure out a solution for world peace while I’m at it?

I had no choice but to break the rules and provide categories for my favorites.  Naturally, that ended up being an hour-long ordeal of figuring out the best categories to fully utilize my love for the motion picture industry.  Once I settled on 10, it was a simple algebraic equation that took another hour or so to justify.  Let me just say that there were hurt feelings and shocking gasps.  But I am a professional and I will get the job done in a somewhat timely manner if my real job, side personal website job and new balloon twisting gig does not get in the way.

I’m amazed that they still let me write for them.

The link to my new other side writing gig can be found HERE. Feel free to snoop around and check out my Blu-ray and movie reviews. My bio can be found HERE. Make sure to scroll down. Way down. Down to the bottom. That’s me. I have the same size hands as Marilyn Monroe.


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