iTune update

I love my iPod.  It’s brand new.  I lost my original one after working out one day.  It was attached to me and then it wasn’t.  Crazy I know.


But my new one is beautiful.  It’s apple green.  My free engraving on the back states, “Make a joyful noise.”  And I do.  I am an iPod singer/dancer and can’t tell you how supremely STOKED I am to have upgraded to an impressive 16 GB.  This means that my ENTIRE iTunes library is with me at all times.


Therefore, I must continue to fill my little bundle of joy with tunes that make my insides smile. 


Because I’m not scared to disclose the intimate details of my music taste, I will share with you the last 10 songs that were either downloaded or purchased for my listening pleasure.  Go ahead.  Poke fun.  Laugh.  I can take it. 


Just know that I know you wish your library was as cool as mine:


         Walk on the Ocean:  Toad the Wet Sprocket

         Rain: Jackopierce

         Superman 14: Kevin Costner and Modern West

         Fiona: Lyle Lovett

         Elvira:  The Oakridge Boys

         Pickup Man:  Joe Diffie

         Samson:  Regina Spektor

         Stay:  Sugarland

         Never Think: Rob Pattinson from Twilight Soundtrack

         Let’s Go to the Mall:  Robin Sparkle


What?  You haven’t heard of that last one?  Let me educate you dear reader.  Enjoy the vocal styling of Robin Sparkle as seen on season two of How I Met Your Mother…quite possibly one of the best shows on TV since The Office.  It’s my opinion, but it’s true.




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