I’ve been elfed

Guess who sent me this little gem of a video?

Some Guy in Austin has a little too much time on his hands. Am I right? Let me break this down a little further for you:

A. He Who Must Not Be Named chachi-ness spills through the screen, even when disguised as an adorable hip-hop elf.

B. It’s ironic that this video takes place in a snowy, cold environment, because hell would have to freeze over before this synchronized choreography with HWMNBN could actually happen . Let the record show that I would be happy to hip-hop in my elf costume and striped tights with anyone but him. That includes, but is not limited to, Bradley Cooper, Mike Rowe, the newly single Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine, Coach Taylor, Damon Salvatore and Seth Meyers.

C. How awesome am I at the 33-second mark doing the centipede?

D. “If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?” – William Shakespeare
I feel wronged. Therefore, I shall get my revenge. This is not one of my stronger life skills, so I will ask you, dear reader, to step in and give me some suggestions in the comment section. All I can think of is covering Some Guy’s yard with toilet paper and prank calling him. Clearly, geography is a major hurdle in the first scenario and stupid caller ID will cramp my style in the second…not to mention the fact that 1988 was 22 years ago. I’m a little rusty. However, I’m quite confident that will your help, vengeance will be mine.


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