According to People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly, Emily and Jef have officially split up and would appreciate  it very much if we respected their privacy during this transitional time.

Raise your hand if you bet that the engagement would last 86 days?  I wonder who has to pay the fine since they technically didn’t make the three month milestone of the ABC contract?  Do you think Emily gave him back the puppet?  Will Jef ever try to impress a girl via skateboard again?  Is Arie really dating Courtney now?

I have to admit…I had high hopes for these crazy kids.  I thought they’d at least make it until After the Final Rose of Sean’s season in order for them to be pimped out as America’s favorite couple.  I guess that baton has been passed on to these two.  Remember them?

It’s Ashley and her beau!  (His name is JP in case you forgot.)  It has been announced that their wedding will air on ABC this December.  He’ll be wearing Hugo Boss.  She’s selected something from the Build-A-Bear formal line.  No word yet if Our Host Chris Harrison will be performing the ceremony.



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