Jesus, Olympics and The Bachelor Pad

This week, I have the privilege of discipling a condo full of eager participants who are attending the Redeemed Girls Institute. It’s day one and already I can see that God is moving mountains.

Obviously, I missed tonight’s installment of The Bachelor Pad. I can’t promise that I’ll actually watch it when I get back this weekend. I’m not sure I can handle two rounds of filth in such a short amount of time!

But I do have a few afternoons free. And I think I’ll take IHGB reader ATL on her suggestion that we create a Hall of Fame of Olympic athletes. My patriotism wants me to be true to hot guys from the good ‘ole US of A, but I could be persuaded to add contestants from other countries that y’all deem worthy of consideration.

Allow me to submit the following for the official ballot:

Hey Ryan. Love your grill.

Now it’s your turn. Send me names and/or links in the comment section, Facebook or Twitter. I’ll find the time to somehow pour through the material and compile a list of guys worthy of the Hall of Fame. I’ll post the official results on Wednesday. Ready, set, GO!


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