John and Chip

While in New York City a few weeks ago, we ate at John’s. Four stars in my book. Two thumbs way up. This place has some of the best pizza I’ve ever tasted, and I consider myself a pizza connoisseur. We all loved it…which is rare because my Mom only eats beets and carrots (gag) and things that are green. To our surprise, this 90 pound woman ate THREE SLICES! I think we might have called my Dad on that one. He didn’t believe us.

Someone did gripe when she found out that a beer cost $6. Then she proceeded to order one. Or two. I’m just saying.


And because my family is not weird enough, my sister pulls out Chip on our last day. Chip is a stuffed animal that my sister’s dog Freddie loves. My brother-in-law stuffed Chip in the camera case and asked Jamie to take pictures of him in NYC. Get this…to annoy their dog.

I know. What the crap?

It soon became the thing that had my sister and I in a fit of giggles walking down Broadway. My Mom, annoyed with us, kept asking if we needed to hail a cab. She loved the power she felt when they pulled up to the curb.

I know. Bless all of our hearts.

So I thought I would leave you with some of my favorite Chip moments:

Here he is at Hardrock Cafe

On Broadway

And excited about the movie on the way home.


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