Johnny Depp is sexiest man alive. Savvy?

Now before I get inundated by hate mail, I want to make myself clear.

Yes.  Johnny Depp is sexy.  There’s no question.  NO QUESTION.  But when I saw his picture on the cover of my 2009 edition of People’s Sexiest Men Alive, I had to pause for a moment. 

Please understand that I know he is sexy.  Are we all on the same page here?  Can we all agree and acknowledge the depths of Johnny’s sexiness?

My favorite JD photo.  SWOON!


And I know that the People cover insinuates that the title is for the sexiest man alive, but traditionally, it’s really the sexiest man who made an impact in that year. 

I can think of many other sexy guys who made a bigger impression on me in 2009 and therefore, deserved the coveted cover position:

Exhibit A:


I give you Bradley Cooper.  And his eyes.  LORD HIS EYES!  But his personality makes me love him even more.

Exhibit B:


I give you Ryan Reynolds.  He’s hot and makes me laugh with his perfect comedic timing.  If I concentrate really hard, I can forget that he’s married to Scarlet Johansson. 

Exhibit C:


I give you Eric Dane.  He and Hunt are the two sexy reasons I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.   

Exhibit D:


I give you Mark Salling.  And before you judge me that he is a high school kid (on Glee) he’s actually 27-years-old.  BAM!  He’s in my age bracket!

Exhibit E:


I give you Chris Pine.  Captain James T. Kirk himself. 

What in the world People magazine?  He’s a 3-inch x 3-inch on page 154.  Are you kidding me?  This was his year.  Big oversight.  Huge. 

I’m starting the “Chris Pine” campaign for 2010. 

Who’s with me?


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