Johnny Depp is sexiest man alive. Savvy?

Now before I get inundated by hate mail, I want to make myself clear.

Yes.  Johnny Depp is sexy.  There’s no question.  NO QUESTION.  But when I saw his picture on the cover of my 2009 edition of People’s Sexiest Men Alive, I had to pause for a moment. 

Please understand that I know he is sexy.  Are we all on the same page here?  Can we all agree and acknowledge the depths of Johnny’s sexiness?

My favorite JD photo.  SWOON!


And I know that the People cover insinuates that the title is for the sexiest man alive, but traditionally, it’s really the sexiest man who made an impact in that year. 

I can think of many other sexy guys who made a bigger impression on me in 2009 and therefore, deserved the coveted cover position:

Exhibit A:


I give you Bradley Cooper.  And his eyes.  LORD HIS EYES!  But his personality makes me love him even more.

Exhibit B:


I give you Ryan Reynolds.  He’s hot and makes me laugh with his perfect comedic timing.  If I concentrate really hard, I can forget that he’s married to Scarlet Johansson. 

Exhibit C:


I give you Eric Dane.  He and Hunt are the two sexy reasons I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.   

Exhibit D:


I give you Mark Salling.  And before you judge me that he is a high school kid (on Glee) he’s actually 27-years-old.  BAM!  He’s in my age bracket!

Exhibit E:


I give you Chris Pine.  Captain James T. Kirk himself. 

What in the world People magazine?  He’s a 3-inch x 3-inch on page 154.  Are you kidding me?  This was his year.  Big oversight.  Huge. 

I’m starting the “Chris Pine” campaign for 2010. 

Who’s with me?


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I’m with you. When i saw Johnny Depp on the cover I also thought “really? out of all the men? really?”


Totally agree (except that I don’t really think Johnny Depp is sexy at all…maybe a tiny bit on one of his more clean cut days).


Lincee….I totally agree with you. So many others that would have been a much better choice. I do think Depp can look sexy but usually he just looks greasy to me. I am totally on board with Bradley Coop and Ryan Reynolds and Eric Dane. I’ll even throw in Robert Pattenson, just cause I’ve been on the Twilight kick.


Lincee, I agree 100%. I think that the committee that voted for this year’s picks need to be disbanded, and a new committee needs to be formed. I also believe that the list was bogus this year because Adam Lambert was in it. He’s pretty for sure, but not sexy. Very few of my favorite hotties made it.


Oh Lincee, I adore you and your fabulous taste in men!! I agree 100% with your choices. In fact, I’ve long argued that Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive. He sure is to me! And McSteamy?? Again, I agree 100% that if it weren’t for him and Kevin McKidd, I’d no longer be a Grey’s fan.


Totally agree with your picks…not so much with People particularly regarding Mr. Depp. I would like to add my favourite new vampire to the list … “Damon”…sorry don’t know the full name of the actor (Ian something?)…from Vampire Diaries. Yummy!!!


Rob Pattinson was robbed – 23 is man enough….


I totally agree with you. And you are right, the guy from Glee is hot!. Not to mention, the picture they chose for Johnny Depp was not a good photo of him.


Although I dont completely agree with the choice of Johnny Depp, People does seem to pick classics and not just the flavor of the month (sorry R Pat). Ryan Reynolds should have definitely been in the running. Eric Dane might have had a chance if it wasn’t for the whole threesome issue.

I think they just didn’t know who to choose, so they picked an “oldie but goodie”.


I would have adored to have seen any of those men grace the cover of People’s cover. Totally on the bandwagon for Chris Pine 2010 considering I bought the double DVD of Star Trek just so I could have more Capt James T Kirk.


holy crap mark salling.



Totally agree.
I did love me some 21 Jump Street back in the day though!


Ryan Reynolds should have won… and they should have showed us more pictures of his hot body! Can I get an amen!?

christina joy

I’d campaign for Mark Salling 2010!


Whew. What a screen saver those pictures would make!!