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New Girl is BACK and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve just started a “reaction” series over at Entertainment Weekly and I’d love to get your thoughts. It’s the first time I’ve ever watched a show through a lens other than the purpose of recapping. To this moment, my butt is still clenched because I have no idea if the pop culture world will embrace me or bless my heart.

My idea: Create a check list each week of lessons learned while watching New Girl.
This week’s checklist topic: Wedding reception rules
The link: CLICK HERE

Feel free to critique in the comments section or shoot me an email. My fingers are crossed! Thanks for letting me use this platform as a symbolic therapy couch. Y’all rock.

I know. My time is up now. I’ll pay the receptionist before I leave. Do y’all take Blue Cross Blue Shield?

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5 years ago

I really like jessica biel in this episode. great job!

Amanda Lashley
Amanda Lashley
5 years ago

Awesome job! I love New Girl and thought this episode was so great! Thanks for lessons learned. I’ve been laughing all week about the Olaf bridesmaid walking around holding the fish.

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