‘This is Where I Leave You’

This Is Where I Leave You

Look at that cast, will you? How can you go wrong with Jason Bateman and Tina Fey in the same movie? Take Michael Bluth’s perfect comedic timing and Liz Lemon’s sarcastic wit and you have one DVD that is sure to make my Christmas list this year.

Based on my high expectations from watching the trailer, This is Where I Leave You isn’t the wacky comedy I hoped it would be. I understand that the entire premise of the screenplay is based on a family coming together after the death of their father, but what I didn’t expect was the dark cloud of depression that sat heavy on the entire two hour movie. I kept waiting for the mood to lighten, but it never did.

I will say that Tina Fey’s entire character was written to bring comic relief to a barrage of depressing situations. But one or two zingers every 20 minutes wasn’t enough to pull me from my doldrums. I trudged alongside the Altmans as they maneuvered and reacted to what life tossed their way.

But I guess that’s life, right? It’s not all butterflies and rainbows. We can have days that are full of regret, sadness, false hope, anger and disappointment. Every single Altman family member may be dealing with their own issues, but in the end, they have each other to lean on.

To quote Tina Fey’s character: “You guys are idiots, but you’re my idiots.”

You definitely need to be prepared for a melancholy mood when it comes to this movie. If that’s something you can mentally wrap your brain around, it’s definitely worth a rental.

I’m off to start a letter writing campaign for Tina and Jason to star in something together. Who’s with me?!

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