Let us not forget


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Amen Lincee. People seem to be forgetting all around us.

How are you? Ike is headed your way, are you getting to a safe location?


I remember it all to well. I was living in NYC and witnessed the 1st plane hitting the tower among other things. It’s definitely on everyone’s minds in NY. I hope everyone finds some peace on this horrific day.


Thank you Lincee. My facebook status today said I’ll never forget and people actually asked me what I was talking about. I know I’m being overly sensitive, but it really bothered me.

sleep deprived mom
sleep deprived mom

Great post, Lincee.

Hope you guys in the Houston area don’t get it too bad this weekend when Ike hits the coast.


My family and I will never forget. And more importantly, I know that Jesus Christ will never forget those families affected that day. He is always there – with open arms for those who will believe.

Thank you for remembering!


Amen! I love the simplicity of the message.

I too have had you on my mind with Ike bearing down on your neck of the woods. I hope you are at, or are getting to, a safe a sound place to wait out this storm. I pray that God’s mercies will abound in the Gulf Coast region.

take care!


This was amazing video I watched on youtube yesterday. I think people should watch it every year. Have a tissue (or 5) ready for this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv4s3fn8jDc if for some reason you can’t open the link, the name of the video is World Trade Center Attacks.