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For those of you who don’t know, John Hughes passed away suddenly yesterday of a heart attack. 

For those of you who don’t know who John Hughes is…that makes me very, very sad that you don’t know the name of the man who more than likely holds several special places in your DVD collection. 

1.  He wrote the entire Home Alone series.   

2.  He wrote the entire Vacation series.  How many of us can recite at least 10 quotes from Christmas Vacation?  (I pledge allegiance.  To the flag.  Of the United States of America…)

3.  She’s Having a Baby:  Yes it was a weird twisted movie, but for some reason, my sister and I LOVED it.  Especially “This Woman’s Work” pregnancy montage. 

4.  Planes, Trains and Automobiles:  Where’s your other hand?  Between two pillows.  THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS!

5.  Some Kind of Wonderful:  (Putting in the diamond earrings.)  Watts:  What do you think?  Keith:  You look good wearing my future.

6.  Weird Science:  What would you boys like to do first?

7.  Mr. Mom:  Of course I had a connection with Jack, because he watched Young and the Restless.  And don’t think I didn’t try to cook my grilled cheese with an iron. 

However, nothing compares to the following cult classics.  These movies were a huge part of my sister and I’s youth.  I leave you with my favorite moments from Mr. Hughes’ (in my opinion) best work. 

Pretty in Pink:  I adored Duckie. Thanks to him, I developed a love for Otis Redding  and am no longer ashamed to lip sync in public.  (Pay no attention to the Spanish voiceover at the beginning of this clip.) 

Breakfast Club:  I had an unhealthy crush on Judd Nelson.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:  Admit it.  You wanted to be Ferris’ friend.  (Or you had a crush on him as I did.) You loved that he could ditch school and not get caught.  When your boss asks where you co-worker is, you quote Simone and inevitably answer:  “Um…he’s sick.  My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with this girl who saw him pass at out 31 Flavors last night.  I guess it’s pretty serious.”

You wanted to sing on a float in a parade. 

Was that just me?

Sixteen Candles:  Two words – Jake Ryan. 

Much like Joey McIntyre, I thought that if I only met Jake, he would fall in love with me and ask me to marry him. 

And we could do this on my birthday:


Thank you John Hughes.  I will forever be grateful for your witty one-liners, your tribute to dancing/singing moments and keen eye for casting truly adorable characters. 

Now it’s your turn.  What are your favorite John Hughes moments?  Let’s walk down memory lane in the comments section.


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There are so, so many favorite moments, but due to my love of Bender I’ll stick to this one:

Bender: Remember how you said your parents use you to get back at each other?
Claire Standish: [nods]
Bender: Wouldn’t I be OUTSTANDING in that capacity?

I feel the need to have a mini-John Hughes film festival this weekend.


Just love John Hughes films. Read in the paper he was a recluse–how did he know SO much about teen angst and young romance and comedic conflict enough to grab our attention in his films? I could watch, and have, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller, Breakfast Club at least 25 times. I have shown these films to my kids, who loved them too. What a talent that will be missed. Time to rent the DVDs again folks. Catch up on your nostalgia!


My heart was broken when I read about it-so sad.

My husband and I first bonded over watching and reciting (and trying to one-up each other)lines from Ferris Bueller. It was such a great memory that we named our son Cameron.

I came across this post yesderday from a girl who had John Hughes as a penpal :

And an awesome John Hughes montage :

Great tribute Lincee…


UMMMMMMM, HOW CAN NO ONE HAVE MENTIONED VACATION, CHRISTMAS VACATION, AND UNCLE BUCK?!? And Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! I still cry from laughing everytime I watch Christmas Vacation. Easily in my top 5. What a brilliant man! And Jake Ryan is my sweetheart. Lincee, the guy who played Jake (Michael Schoeffling) is now living in PA and makes furniture for a living, married with 2 kids- I read a story about it like a year or so ago. Betcha he’s still HTC!


All time funniest movie scene. Even as I say that, I keep thinking about 15 other hilarious scenes from this movie! Awww, R.I.P. Mr. Hughes!


Ooops, I stand corrected- my apologies Lincee! I re-read what you wrote and you totally talked about all the movies I mentioned! eeeek! Someone didn’t have their glasses on when reading this…

Jennifer H
Jennifer H

I didn’t realize how many John Hughes movies I loved. I knew about Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris, but I had no idea about the Vacation movies.

I was born mid-80s, so I didn’t see Ferris until the 90s. When I did, I fell instantly in love with Matthew Brodrick, only to have my heartbroken by the fact that he was now several years older and married to that lady in Sex in the City. What??? It was a painful time in my life.

Favorite Christmas Vacation quote, “We needed a coffin, I mean, a tree…”


From Sixteen Candles:
Grandpa: “Dong, where is my automobile?”
Dong: “Auto-mo-bile?”

Long Duk Dong: Okay. I’m comin’.
[opens closet door]
Long Duk Dong: Hello? Jeez, this place is so confusing. Okay.
[opens front door, screams and shuts door]
Long Duk Dong: Go away! I call F.I.B. I call police! Go away!
Jake: Open the door.
Long Duk Dong: No way, Jose!
Jake: Open the door.
Long Duk Dong: You beat up my face.
Jake: You grabbed my nuts.
Long Duk Dong: [looks through frosted glass on door] Is that you?
Jake: Yeah, that me.
Long Duk Dong: [opens door] Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought you my new – new-style American girlfriend.
Jake: Forget it, man. Just get Samantha, all right?
Long Duk Dong: She not here.
Jake: Don’t jerk me around, man. Where is she?
Long Duk Dong: She got married.
Jake: What?
Long Duk Dong: She at the church. She getting married to oily bohunk.
Jake: Married?
Long Duk Dong: Married.
Jake: Married?
Long Duk Dong: Yeah. Married
[closes door]
Jake: [turns around, under breath to himself] Married?
Long Duk Dong: Married! Jeez.

And soooo many more!!

Leslie from Austin
Leslie from Austin

As a teenager of the 80’s John Hughes will always hold a special place in my heart. Much like Judy Blume. I can honestly say I think I have watched every one of his movies multiple times.

I quote “Weird Science” all the time to my kids and they just don’t get it. I love the part when Gary is in the back seat after spending time drinking at the Jazz club and the Wyatt and Lisa are the front seat are arguing over whether Wyatt should be driving or not. All you see is Gary’s feet sticking up because he is so drunk and all of a sudden he sits up and says “Here, give me the keys, I’ll drive”. Hilarious! “She could burp and people would think it was charming”.

I think Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science and Vegas Vacation were my favorites.


The. Best. Movies. Ever. Period.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Some Kind of Wonderful!!! And all the others too.


Who doesn’t instantly think of “Sixteen Candles” when you hear, “No more yanky my wanky. Donger need food!”


Sixteen Candles is my all time favorite movie. I can quote this movie all day long. Joh Hughe’s movies are timeless. Today’s “Teen” movies just don’t compare.


I love Sixteen Candles. “Can I borrow your underpants for 10 minutes?” “My brother paid a $1 to see your underwear” I can go on and on. And of course I heart Jake Ryan!!! Duckie…how can you not love Duckie. He will be missed but thank goodness his moveis will live on! So glad i was a “child of the 80’s”


You nailed three of my four favorite movies of all time…..Sixteen Candles, Farris Bueller, Breakfast Club…..there is one more 80’s movie that rounds out my top 4 (although there are soooo many that I do love-St. Elmo’s Fire being in the top 10), but it’s not John Hughes….I’m not sure who directed it. It was called “Better off Dead”. All of John Hughes’ movies were great….even the few that didn’t make it big…still good movies. Oh, how I hated living in the 80’s, but how nostalgic it is to me now. I love my 80’s memories……I love the hair, the clothes, the shoes (jellies anyone?)….Lincee, you truly are a genius. You have such an eclectic personality. I can’t wait to see the wonderful guy you end up with (from being pimped out of course)!


That scene from “Pretty in Pink” with John Cryer is one of my all time favorite scenes from any movie. I saw an interview once with him and he talked about how he literally had to get drunk to do that scene. Bless his little heart. I love how John Hughes was able to take the nerdiest little guys (John Cryer, Matthew Broderick) and make them the lasting heros of his movies.