Lincee in the mist…with gorillas

Today we went to Kubungabunga Park to go on a gorilla trek.

We began our day with an African drum line.  See anyone you recognize?

This is our guide Edward.

He gave us canes to help negotiate rocks and mud.

Then we set out for the jungle.

I was crouched down taking a picture of this baby gorilla…

…excited for my friend Ann to come see the baby.  She kept saying my name over and over in a panicked voice. When I turned around to see what was going on, I was face to face with this face:

No.  That’s not a zoom lens.  That’s how close I was to this gorilla.  Don’t believe me?

Thanks to my friend Holly for choosing to document the blessed event instead of warning me to watch my back like Ann.

Love you both girls!

And say hello to my new screensaver.


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