A List of Thanks: 2014 Edition

1. 1 Samuel 3:10

2. Main Street U.S.A at Disney World

3. When my niece calls me Slink

4. The entire Mumford & Sons live album

5. Candy corn

6. My Entertainment Freaking Weekly gig

7. My spiritual gift of making mix tapes

8. Diet Dr Pepper

9. Jamie Fraser

10. Kilts

11. Unanswered prayers

12. The freedom to vote

13. Beaver nuggets

14. Free WiFi

15. Drinking milk from a crystal glass

16. Children laughing

17. Adults laughing

18. My ability to make others laugh

19. Amaretto sours

20. Iced sugar cookies

21. The many faces of Rwanda – especially JD’s

22. Cozy fires

23. IHGB readers

24. IHGB commenters

25. A website that allows me to tell my story

26. Bubble bath

27. God’s grace

28. Aviator sunglasses

29. Spontaneous dance parties

30. My journal

31. My Sonos speaker

32. Having the strength to walk away

33. The privilege of teaching the Bible

34. Songs with a gospel choir in the background

35. The smell of Christmas

36. Sweet friends who love me dearly

37. An amazing family who supports me every step of my journey

38. The love of Jesus

39. I’m happy to celebrate 39 years of life on this earth. TODAY is where my book begins. And for that, I’m truly thankful.


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