IHGB #166: Listen To Your Mean Girl

Great news, people! We sort of, in a roundabout vague way, finally know what Listen To Your Heart is all about! Shout out to week 3 for extending those important details.

It’s a singing competition with a love component, yes, and the couples are judged, sure, but what we don’t know is HOW these duets are scored.

Do we have parameters? Is there a handy leader board? Will the judges hold up paddles? Heavens no. 

At one point Jason Mraz offered a “great job,” as Ke$ha told someone they were beautiful, while JoJo and Fake Aaron Rodgers said one performance gave them chills.

I’m pretty sure that’s equivalent to a check plus, a smiley face, and a grape scratch and sniff sticker. 

Nevertheless, Some Guy in Austin and I break down the performances and provide our expert opinions. You should also know that I call Matt by the name of Mark half the time and in one instance, I identify Bekah as Bri. 

We all in this together, dear listener.


If you’d like to read the week three recap, I’ve got it right HERE!

Rudi and Matt’s song: “Fallin All In You” by Shawn Mendes

Bri and Chris’ song: “Beyond” by Leon Bridges

Bekah and Kid Danny’s song: “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers

Rolf and Savannah’s song: “I Want You To Want Me” by Cheap Trick

Sherds and Jules’ song: “As Long As You Love Me” by The Backstreet Boys

Natascha and Ryan Mayer’s song: “Stay” by Rihanna

Trevor and Jamie’s song: “I Could Use a Love Song” by Maren Morris


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