Listen To Your Heart Recap: Who’s the worst?

It only took three weeks, but I finally have a better grasp of what Listen To Your Heart is all about. I say “better grasp” because I’m still not technically sure how one might win from a “WE FELL IN LOVE” parameter since romance is entirely subjective. I’m choosing not to pull too hard at that thread. Instead I’m banking on the fact that Harrison will not steer me wrong. 

This I know.

I liken the process to Dancing with the Stars. In that reality show, a couple is given a song and a dance genre. They must perform in front of a studio full of people while being critiqued by a panel of judges. The couple with the lowest score is kicked out of the competition.

Listen To Your Heart is totally the same. Except not. Sure the couples are given a song they must perform, but instead of a posh ballroom, they must sing in the mansion courtyard to a bunch of people who just happened to be driving by on one of those double-decker Hollywood tour buses. So that’s different.

The judges consist of two well-known singers/songwriters, who may not be entirely relevant now, but they once were. These individuals give their feedback on the musicality and artistry of the performance. Do we have scores? Are paddles held up with numbers on them? Is there a cheat sheet where we can see the categories and percentages of the final number? 

Heavens no. Who cares? As long as your performance was “beautiful” or “grounded,” then you are good to go. 

But here’s the twist: ABC has also invited prominent “success stories” of Bachelor Nation to judge the couples on their chemistry. Not their on-stage chemistry, mind you, but their “you could get married any minute now” chemistry. Bottom line: They can tell if you are faking it, so you better be in love or your dunzo. NO MUSIC CAREER FOR YOU!

Emotions lean in the tense direction. Some worry if more housemates will arrive at any moment. Others (Julia) make their move to ditch any current anchors who are weighing them down (Sherds) in lieu of a better fitting partner (Brandon/Rolf). 

Side Note: Can I just say how amazing you are? I asked you to help me figure out doppelgängers and y’all did not disappoint. Well done!

Rolf corners Julia over by the water cooler (a literal water cooler) to remind her that he knew she was getting a rose from Sherds, which is why he gave his rose to Savannah. But now that they are moving on to the next week, he wants Jules to know that there is “still something there” he’d like to pursue. 

Our Host enters the mansion and gathers all the contestants into the equivalent of the old mansion’s sunken living room. The songbirds look a little worse for wear. Presumably they all stayed up participating in a super fun riff-off with categories like “ladies of the ‘80s” and “Disney show tunes.” 

Bleary eyes blink lazily behind trendy spectacles and bed head is properly covered by one of the twelve hoodies hastily packed in luggage. Postures dramatically change when Harrison announces that THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE. 

  1. You must pick a forever partner right now. In the next hour or so. This will be the person with whom you tether yourself to for the remainder of the competition. You better hope they are there for the right reasons (right reasons) because you must enter into a relationship with this person as well. 
  2. If you’re not feeling it in the next few hours? You have to leave. That moment. In a rejection SUV. 

Interesting. Let’s throw this show a bone and assume (highly unlikely) that the crooners in this house have known each other for a week. Roses were bestowed only the night before. Which means that some of these partnerships have barely entered into meaningful conversations, let alone shared a musical moment together. 

Yet according to Hare, one must be ready to tackle a sound booth and relationship goals in order to make your dream come true. 

Will people fake their love for one another? ABSOLUTELY. Is it happening? OF COURSE. What must we do about it? SUSPEND REALITY. It will help you trudge through the next few episodes. Not everyone can be Bri and Chris, okay? 

Our Host removes his pocket watch, as all gentleman carry, and notes the time. Read, set, GO!

All the women squish into their bunk-filled bedroom to compile pro/con lists. Immediately Julia shares some important information with the ladies. She has connected with Sherds and Rolf. PS: Her conversation with Rolf was “confusing.” 

Naturally Savannah is all, “Huh?” She thought they had definitely transferred out of the unsure phase of their relationship. They huddle in a corner so Julia can be fully honest. She tells Savannah that Rolf told her that very morning that he’d like to pursue her. Julie blinks her eyes and softens her voice. “I thought that wasn’t fair to you or Sherds.”

Savannah goes out to the veranda to cry about it. Then she really gets upset. Then she goes full horizontal. Gabe (you don’t know him) selects this moment to reveal he has feelings for Savannah, proving to everyone that he has zero ability to “read the room.”

As Savannah wipes her snotty nose, Gabe drones on and on about how he doesn’t have any feelings for Ruby Jane. He thinks he has a better shot making a connection with Savannah. I’m proud to report that Savannah lets him down as easily as she can. However, the fact that denying Gabe means both he and Ruby Jane are going home sends her into a tailspin, begging the camera crew not to follow her so she can wallow in peace.

Savannah: I’m sorry to let you down.
Gabe: You’re not letting me down.

Rolf finds Savannah in an emotional turmoil of desperate feels and assures her that she is the one for him. Never mind the fact that he thought he had something with Julia (37 minutes ago) but he’s soooo over that. They have a foundation and he wants to continue this journey with her. 

Julia hears through the grapevine that Rolf is all up in Savannah’s grill and rumor has it, Julia is OUT. This news sends her to the balcony to cry it out. Sherds follows her to gather his one true love into his arms. Julia pretends that this union is THE BEST and boasts that she feels confident. Of course this assurance is revealed after Rolf essentially dumped her. Details. 

The next thirty minutes is dedicated to the viewing audience watching all of the couples work through their song arrangements. Savannah and Rolf are really into their song and with each note, Julia loses another nerve. She begins to question everything. Why? Because she has zero feelings for Sherds. 

Someone is going to have to hone in on that acting class she took back in 2014. 

Julia quickly switches gears and begins to tell anyone who will listen that she has lost all respect for Rolf. Additionally, since the moment Harrison showed up, Savannah and Rolf have been way into PDA. How can that be? Rolf was into HER that very morning. 

Like any normal person faced with this dilemma, Julia decides to ask Savannah for a private audience so they can iron some things out. She accuses Savannah of “turning up to 100” after Hare’s announcement, which proves she isn’t genuine in this process.

Savannah asks a very good question: “How does my relationship with Rolf affect you?”

Julia doesn’t have an answer other than, “I’ve been so nice to you and now I feel attacked.”

Savannah refrains from rolling her eyes. At the end of the day, Rolf chose her. Julia must deal with it. Does Julia deal with it? Of course not. She becomes catty, jealous, and insecure.

Say hello to this season’s villain. 

Meanwhile, Bekah (you don’t know her) and Kid Danny (you don’t know him) receive a Pretty Woman date card. We learn that it takes Bekah a while to develop feelings for someone, so this entire journey is going to inevitably crash and burn. Kid Danny looks annoyed. Clearly Bekah is not playing the game like everyone else. (Excluding Bri and Chris who are allegedly in love.)

Natascha and Ryan Mayer get to go on a date, too. They are treated to a House of Blues concert with Chris Lane and his wife Lauren. You know her. She’s Ben Higgins’ reject from his season. Fortunately, the ABC Intern had her cell phone number and they were able to work out a deal that benefits all parties. 


All the tourists file into the mansion courtyard. Our Host Chris Harrison introduces celebrity guests Jason Mraz, Ke$ha, and Bachelor royalty JoJo and Fake Aaron Rodgers. Let’s see how the couples performed!

Mark and Rudi
“Fallin All In You” by Shawn Mendes

Let me just say that Rudi’s voice is really good. And thanks to her backup singing gigs, she’s very comfortable on a stage. She and Matt sound good together, so that’s a plus. The judges think that they are “still getting to know each other,” but I have a theory that out of all the couples who could form a relationship, Matt and Rudi have the best chance. You can tell she thinks he’s all that and once she calms down, I think Matt will feel the same. 

Bri and Chris
“Beyond” by Leon Bridges

Chris only looks at Bri during their performance. Is it because he’s head-over-heels in love? Or is it because he’s a bit anxious and needs Bri to carry the show? One can’t be sure. But Mraz L-O-V-E-S Chris and thinks Bri needs to calm down with the wooing of the audience. Everyone can tell they have a strong connection, which definitely puts them in first place in the love category.

Beka and Kid Danny
“Ho Hey” by The Lumineers

Bless them. It was all very shaky. It was an unfortunate song choice. And the nail in the coffin was when Kid Danny leaned in for a kiss and Bekah actually DENIED him on stage. Once again, she doesn’t understand how the game works and that makes me sad for her. 

Rolf and Savannah
“I Want You To Want Me” by Cheap Trick

As I suspected, Rolf makes faces when he sings and that is personally distracting to me. The one thing they did better than Rudi and Matt was share a microphone at the beginning of their set. That gave them an edge on the “in love” portion of our show. Would I suggest that Matt put down his guitar so he can be closer to Rudi? Never. But Matt should have slung it on his back during one point of the song.  

Once Rolf and Savannah sang into their own mics, things cooled off a bit. The judges felt it and so did Julia. I know this because she didn’t even try to hide her pompous facial expressions. 

Julia and Sherds
“As Long As You Love Me” by The Backstreet Boys

Julia and Sherds sit on chairs, which I think was a smart move. She holds on to Sherds’ knee the entire time and both are extremely good at simultaneously singing and smiling. It helps that their song is so beloved, that it makes Fake Aaron Rodgers stand up and sway. 

Sherds looks at Jules the entire time. She glances at the audience every once in a while, probably to see if Rolf and Savannah are engaged in the moment as she crushes it from the stage. Everyone loved it. 

Natascha and Ryan Mayer
“Stay” by Rhianna

Ryan Mayer starts out on the piano, which seemed troublesome to me. Natascha makes a grand entrance and sits with him on the piano bench. Just as you wonder, “Are they sitting the entire time,” they both stand up and feel each other up on the stage. Natascha’s ponytail is fierce. Mayer rolls with it. They intimately share a microphone and a passionate kiss at the end of their song. 

What do we learn? Natascha has a BIG voice. I’m talking Carrie Underwood power. And that power rained on Ryan Mayer’s folksy parade. The thing they will have to worry about is Natascha leaving Ryan behind. She’s going to have to tone it down and he’s going to have to bump it up. I should point out that the judges think they are hot and flirty. I’m still not sure she likes him in real life. It appears this is her ticket into the music biz. 

Trevor and Jamie
“I Could Use a Love Song” by Maren Morris

You should know that Jamie struggled with stage fright the entire night. She also didn’t want to let Trevor down. If someone was going to mess up, she wanted it to be him. He was able to talk her off the ledge, and by doing so, the song was good. Not great, in my opinion, but good. 

For some reason, Harrison interviews Jamie after their set and she confesses to everyone that she has a hard time loving herself. This made the judges fall into a puddle of goo, stepping over one another to affirm the crap out of Jamie. I’m not sure they noticed Trevor was there. She rolled in the grass in her white dress after she left the stage. That bothered me the most.


Let’s get this out in the open: the rose ceremonies are dumb. Harrison runs the show, unveiling couple-by-couple who gets to stay. When he calls your name, you each go up and offer the other a rose. Lame. 

To no one’s surprise, it’s Bekah and Kid Danny who have to go home. Instead of rejection confessionals (again, do we know these people?), we see a fun montage of how the musicians warm up their voices. 

Rudi sounds like she’s in a mating call with a whale. Natascha does all sorts of things with her lips. Bekah hits all the high notes. And Trevor drinks a beer. 

Now it’s your turn! Who are your favorites? Which duo did you like the best? Sound off in the comments section!

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April 28, 2020 7:23 pm

How am I the first comment? I really thought that I would hate this show, but I am actually getting sucked in. Maybe because there is some actual talent and not just vapid fetuses. Rudi and Matt are my favs….They are funny and sound great together and seem to genuinely click. Sherds is endearing, but I’m not sure about Julia yet. I think that she might be a decent person, but Rolf is messing with her head and I think she is getting a bad edit. I am NOT a Rolf fan. I think that Ryan is extremely talented, but… Read more »

Dawn F
Dawn F
April 28, 2020 9:46 pm

Thanks for doing the recaps, Lincee! I look forward to hearing what you say after each show. You are my blogging lobster! ☺ I thought Jamie and Trevor’s song was surprisingly weak. Both have good voices, but their lack of musical harmony made it awkward. It was obvious that he was just singing the same note an octave below to make sure she didn’t mess up the lyrics. Relationship-wise, she is a baby and needs more time to cook, IMO. I suspect Trevs will grow tired of having to constantly prop her up. Rudi and Matt were great…she has a… Read more »

April 29, 2020 2:04 am

Julia is obviously acting her face off during singing. I feel bad for Sherds and I wish he’d cut off his Kenny G. Hair. He seems like he’s trying to keep Julia around so he doesn’t have to leave too. Rolf’s singing face was not appealing to say the least. I enjoyed Mark and Rudi the best. Natasha bugged me when she first sashayed into the house but her voice was awesome!

April 29, 2020 9:15 am

I REALLY don’t like Julia. She’s not just a villain (villains gotta vil), she’s kind of a horrible person. I actually feel bad for Sheridan. Brandon’s face drives me nuts when he sings and not in a good way. Personally, I thought that was a terrible song.

Also, Lauren wasn’t Ben’s reject–she was his one and only and they split after a couple of years.

April 29, 2020 12:20 pm

I missed the shout-out for doppelgangers, but I’ve got one! Brandon is totally Biff from Back to the Future 2 (yes, the bad one–1 and 3 were so much better!). He also acts like him. I told my husband at the beginning of the episode that I was waiting to decide if he was a decent guy or a chach. Then he had his conversation with Savannah–chach. Also, right after Julia talked to Savannah in a totally honest way, I really liked her. Sad how she morphed into this season’s (bad edit or) complete villain. Rudi drives me crazy, but… Read more »

April 29, 2020 12:25 pm

Always love the recaps! Julia MAY be getting a bad edit but she really just has a bad case of FOMO. I mean, Rolf certainly hasn’t helped by stringing them both along, but she’s also the one that can’t decide.

Matt and Rudi sounded amazing and he seems to still like her even after seeing some of her crazy so I have hopes for them! Natascha sounded amazing but she’s totally in it for the prize and not the man.

Jenny D
Jenny D
April 29, 2020 5:15 pm

I’m not usually a commenter, but I love your posts and was thrilled when I found out you’re recapping this show!

Thanks for being a bright spot in my week!

April 29, 2020 11:47 pm

Natasha looks 40 to Ryan’s 15. Please….

April 30, 2020 12:30 am

Lincee, Thank you for getting me through another Bachelor-Nation-Season-Covid-19. (I’m trying to blend or make a pun with those words for something catchy but I got nothin’). Anywho….fabulous as always. Jamie’s roll in the grass made me cringe like letting the dog outside right after a bath. Julia- boo. Sherds (name makes me laugh because it makes me think of shart) would do well to shave and trim that hair. Favorite line…. they must sing in the mansion courtyard to a bunch of people who just happened to be driving by on one of those double-decker Hollywood tour buses. The… Read more »

May 1, 2020 12:16 pm

I love Sheridan so much. He seems so NORMAL and sweet. What does he see in Julia? She is 100% not into him. It makes me sad, because he looks at her like she hung the moon. Also, he completely lets her shine, and I want to hear more of HIM. I adore Rudi and Matt. They remind me of my husband and me… awkward, a little weird, but they dig each other. Plus she is the absolute best singer in the house IMO. Nat sees her ticket to Hollywood in Ryan, so she is hanging on for dear life,… Read more »

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