Look at me! I’m fancy!

Welcome to the new and improved design of iHateGreenBeans!  It’s been a long process, but we’ve finally gone live.  I’M SO EXCITED!

As you can see, I have four main categories.  Dr Pepper competition and random DP pics are under “Dr Pepper” of course.  Anything relating to the Bachelor or anyone on the show is under “Bachelor Recaps.”  All music, movies, TV and theater stuff will be found at “Now Playing.”  And everything else goes under the “I’m Just Saying” banner.

I know there are several bugs to work out.  Please be patient.  And I know that change is hard for some of you.  Just remember that a wise person once said, “Change is inevitable.  Except from a vending machine.”

Please let me know what you think and what needs adjusting in the comment section.  I appreciate all feedback!

2011…THE YEAR OF LINCEE! Let’s get this party started.


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