Mama Say Mama Sa Ma Ma Coo Sa

Over the weekend, my sister, her husband, webMAN and myself sat around my parents’ living room to discuss our favorite Michael Jackson memories.

For some reason, I was the only one who could blab off about 20 different times that Michael Jackson’s music touched my life in some way or another. I thought I would share my favorite ones below. Feel free to include yours in the comment section.

1. I witnessed on TV the first time Michael moonwalked. I didn’t get what the fuss was all about…until I tried to moonwalk myself.

2. In second grade, we buried a time capsule in front of our school. Our hope was to dig it back up on graduation day and laugh at all the funny things we put inside. Sadly, no one remembered where exactly we buried the thing when graduation rolled around. But the janitor (who was still there after 10 years) was able to point us in the right direction. It smelled awful because some girl named Holly stuck pizza in her envelope. But the best reveal was Gene Stroman’s realization that he had buried Michael Jackson’s Thriller album. It was still in the wrapper in perfect condition.

3. The Spring Show for the Bobcat Belles always had a black light routine that the juniors were in charge of choreographing. We chose a Michael Jackson medley, that included white gangster outfits dancing to Smooth Criminal and skeletons dancing to Thriller. We ended the number with Heal the World. That was NOT my idea. But a skeleton glowing in black light making the peace sign is pretty cool.

4. When I went on a mission trip to Costa Rica two years ago, we stopped at an “American” cafe that played 80s videos on a big screen. We were eating our huevos rancheros and minding our own business when Thriller came on the big screen. I jumped out of my chair and performed the entire dance right along with Michael and the other zombies. I’m pretty sure I strained my bad knee when I executed a perfect spin, popped up on my toes and grabbed my crotch. But it was worth it.

5. When I started working at my first job at the agency in Dallas, I became fast friends with Kathrina. I remember talking to her about music and what we liked and the subject of Michael Jackson came up. I will always remember her saying, “I prefer black Michael Jackson. You know…before he turned into a white woman.” Love her.

6. My first Great Debate. And first Great Debate retraction.

RIP Michael Jackson.



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