May the odds be ever in your favor


1. Peeta = hot
2. Gale = hot
3. For the record…again…TEAM PEETA
4. Katniss volunteering = heart breaking
5. Rue = love her
6. Lenny Kravitz as Cinna = perfect casting
7. Hunger Games vs. Twilight Saga = no contest
8. Jacob = hot
9. Taylor’s abs = amazing
10. Where was I?
11. Oh yeah. I’m super excited about this movie.


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so i looked up peeta because he looked SO FAMILIAR…

and he was the kid (read KID!) in zathura.

my brain is confused because this kid is really a kid and i can’t like him like i liked him the book.

but this does look like a kick a movie… woohoo.


Oh what a fabulous title to a blogpost:) I simply cannot wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I actually yelped when I read your title. I mean really, Lincee. You could not be any cooler to me. I got chills when I watched the trailer, especially at the part where Katniss volunteers. I am dying! I despise Twilight, so I’m glad this movie will be out fairly soon!


i’m so sorry, but i’m a team gale gal! 🙂

i had the same reaction as marla when i figured out taylor lautner was shark boy from shark boy and lava girl. i needed to wash my mind out with soap!


i said the identical words re: lenny kravitz when i IMDB’d this movie a few months ago.

i really think the casting is awesome.
even woody harrelson will make a great character here!

the Mr. & i will DEFINITELY have a date night in spring of ’12. (tho probably not opening weekend. we don’t wanna leave our 3yo to hang out with 13yos and be giddy like a 3yo ourselves)

wonderful post-title.
i look forward to your review!


Can’t wait!!


i am team peeta from the books but i don’t like the person playing him in the movie- not what i pictured. also, whoever is playing katniss is way too old! she looks like she is 25! having said all that, i can’t wait to go see the movie- it will be awesome!


I was so happy with whom Katniss ended up with, BUT I really have a crush on Gale. Can’t help it.
Would love to see you do a Peeta vs. Gale post…




I can’t WAIT for this to come out! I just finished the first book! I second EVERYTHING Ashley said!! 🙂 You are too cool!


So excited for this movie! Anyone notice the 4 whistle-notes (Rue’s notes) at the end of the trailer? PERFECT.


LOVE the books cannot WAIT for the movie! Too many peeps not liking Josh Hutcherson casting for Peeta….I would suggest watching “The Kids are Alright”….he is an amazing actor and I think will be Perfect! 3.21.12 can’t come soon enough!

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