Meet Mr. December…s

I totally forgot to post on December 26. Sorry! There was just so much to do these last few days. Eating chocolate covered pretzels. Watching Christmas Story. Eating sugar cookies. Celebrating the baby Jesus.  Eating turkey and dressing. Singing “Sisters” with my sister. Eating cordial cherry Hershey’s kisses. Reciting “Twas the Night Before Christmas in Texas” just like I did in front of the entire school in sixth grade. Drinking mimosas.

You get the picture.

I have to say that it looked like Mission Impossible was going to make a last minute come back in the polls, but these guys pulled a solid win in the end.


Note to Melissa who submitted the photo: The Dr Pepper is coming to YOU my friend! Good luck splitting that four ways with the brothers!

Thanks to all who have submitted and everyone who voted. I continue to be blown away by the participation. Here’s hoping January is just as fun! And keep the pictures coming! As always, if you haven’t been chosen for the month you submitted, keep checking back. 2011 could be YOUR year!


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