Meet Mr. February

Congratulations John Brian!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you will be sharing your year supply of Dr Pepper with your fellow band members and anyone your aunt Lee Ann may have ever known in her lifetime.  Play on player!

I promise to have March submissions up at the end of the month.  Thanks to everyone who voted!  Keep the submissions coming!

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Natty from Oz
Natty from Oz
9 years ago


At least it wasn’t a child..maybe two calendars one for kids and one for adults cos some of those kids are durn cute!!

Would love a hunky shirtless manly man drinking DP with it running down his chin, chest ….mmmmmm…ladies help me out…don’t have DP in Australia lol

Barbara A
Barbara A
9 years ago

The best man won!! He is an awesome guy in every way! He’ll probably need to share with his 2 brothers and sister……all 4 will be Ouachita Tigers next year!

9 years ago

Didn’t vote for him but I am okay with the choice.

Post It Girl
Post It Girl
9 years ago

Aah, so nice. Just had a Dr. Pepper myself while scrolling through. 🙂

-Post It Girl

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