Meet Mr. November

NOTE:  I will not be posting for 10 days because my computer died last night.  Oh…and I am in Europe for the holiday.  That’s right!  I’m probably twirling around on top of a mountain on the “Sound of Music” tour as you read this.  Or yodeling.  In a pale pink coat.  I’ll try to hop online somewhere when I’m not singing in a gazebo.

Now…meet Mr. November!

This one time? At band camp? A kid in the drumline took a picture of Jaden drinking a Dr Pepper. His wife entered it in a photo contest and HE WON!

It was a CLOSE race, but the horn section organized a grass roots campaign and he pulled ahead of the others. Congratulations Jaden!

I continue to be amazed by your participation.  Keep up the good work and keep sending me entries!  Again, if your photo has not been chosen, it may be up later in the year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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