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Many of you probably know Melanie Shankle of the blog Big Mama. A jillion of you have purchased her new book Nobody’s Cuter Than You. When I decided to review the book for Entertainment Weekly, it didn’t occur to me until the piece was finished that I needed a picture of her book cover to accompany the post.

Fun tip: It’s illegal to jank pictures off the internet without permission. In today’s age of social media, we do this ALL the time. It’s frowned upon, but nobody is going to jail for it. Sure you may have to pay several hundred dollars to Getty Images, but it’s worth it to have tons of Instagram hits on that one pic you posted celebrating Ryan Gosling’s birthday, right?

What could possibly go wrong?

Lincee 80s hair

My friend Danielle sent me this charming screen cap. Let the record show that I did not give permission for the COUNTLESS BAD HAIR sites to run this photo that was clearly copied from my own website. And I stand behind the fact that my hair was flawless.

Let’s get back on track.

I had a great post and no artwork. I decided to reach out to Melanie through her website, hopeful that a woman of such high esteem would hear my cry.

And dear reader—she did! Within hours, Melanie wrote me back, attached a JPG of her book cover and told me that she had been following me since the email days. I may have stood up when I read that last part. “The email days” people have a very special place in my heart.

Melanie is a delight. We are on the road to becoming fast friends, but I’m not sure she knows that just yet. She was gracious enough to answer a few important questions about friendship, blogging and the importance of making time in your life to watch television. Enjoy!

Lincee: What do you think Our Host Chris Harrison smells like?
Melanie: Remember on Friends when Elle McPherson was Joey’s roommate and brought home that bowl of potpourri and he said it smelled like “summer in a bowl”? That’s what I imagine. Summer in a bowl. With a dash of Old Spice and heartbreak.

Lincee: What is a current TV show that you love?
Melanie: I’m going to say Scandal even though it almost lost me this season because I don’t trust Shonda Rimes not to rip my heart out.

Lincee: What are three of the most played songs on your iPod/iTunes/Phone at the moment?
Melanie: “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift and “How Great is Our God” by Chris Tomlin. My husband says I have the musical sensibilities of a thirteen-year-old girl, so there’s your disclaimer.

Lincee: What are some of the commercial jingles you have memorized?
Melanie: Diet Pepsi from the 1980’s, of course. Also, I still remember that McDonald’s commercial with the song about his baby sister. Remember She was just a tomboy making a scene, then he turned around and she was homecoming queen. I could still cry over it right now. Well played, McDonalds. I can’t remember what I ate for lunch, but I remember your commercial from thirty-five years ago.

Lincee: Your new book is all about friendship. In one sentence, what does friendship mean to you?
Melanie: Friendship is the key to my sanity and has given me the gift of having people who can make me smile on the worst day.

Lincee: Do you hate green beans?
Melanie: I’ll eat them but I don’t enjoy it. Same goes for kale, although I think kale got a new publicist a few years back to try to rebrand its image. You can bake it into a chip all day long but it still tastes like a weed.

Lincee: Why is Dr Pepper so good?
Melanie: Because it’s the official drink of Texas.

Lincee: Do strangers ever approach you, asking to be your friend?
Melanie: Yes and I want to be friends with every single one of them. I always say that if someone has read my blog and my books and still likes me, then they are one of my people.

Lincee: What is your favorite part about blogging?
Melanie: I’ve been blogging for almost ten years and, honestly, my favorite part is being able to go back and see a snapshot of what our life looked like two years ago or five years ago or whatever, even just random posts about going to Target. At the time you think you’ll always remember those things, but you forget because you’ve stored too many antiquated T.V. jingles in your head.

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I want to be friends with both of you!


Two of my favorite bloggers in one post! I’m in Heaven!!

Kate Brock
Kate Brock



I’m so happy that my internet BFFs are all aligning and are on their way to becoming real life BFFs. Happy dance! Now, I need a pic of you and Mel and Sophie and Kelly and all will be right with the world! Oh and maybe OHCH in the middle of all that.


It’s so funny to me that you and Melanie aren’t already friends, because in my mind, you, Melanie, Sophie (boo mama), Ree (pioneer woman) and Annie Downs run in the same circle. It’s almost like you are all characters in my imaginary blogging friends world. I started following all of you through Amanda Jones years ago and feel certain we would be friends if you all lived in Atlanta! The trait you all share is a great sense of humor.


Seriously Melanie & Sophie need to find a way to add you to the podcast and then it would be over the top amazing! I think all three of you are my kind of people.


Yes!!! I am listening to a big boo podcast right now!! The only thing I hate about them is I can’t interject my thoughts! 😉


Proud to call myself one of the ones following since your email days. You’re my lunch break comic relief as I eat my lunch over my keyboard… I appreciate you!

amy a
amy a

Love love love!!! This is so fun! Thanks for indulging us all.


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