Melba toast

That’s what I think the next installment (lucky 13) of the Bachelor will be with Jason as our fearless leader. Melba toast. And I’m not talking about the seasoned kind you find in Gardetto’s either. I mean the melba toast that my Mimi eats with tuna fish.

It’s not that I didn’t like Jason. He was alright. He had a few annoying habits, like bouncing on the balls of his feet when DD was in a three mile radius. But for the most part he was an okay guy. He was borderline “needy,” but I do believe he wanted to be married. Probably for his kid’s sake more than anything. And I’m not worried about Ty being forced in the spotlight. I’m sure there’s already a contract in the works for the Spring launch at Baby Gap. Ty’s going to be just fine.

I just think Jason is going to be boring. And let’s hope he doesn’t full-out chach on us with tokens of affection for every girl he takes on a one-on-one date. I can see it now: a homemade frame with twigs glued on the outside representing their picnic in the woods; shells that he made into earrings from when they went horseback riding on the beach; a mix CD that includes theme songs such as, “Fly Me to the Moon,” and “Blue Skies” symbolizing a hot air balloon ride over Seattle.

I’m sure ABC will try and throw him a bone with some normal girls, but you know they are going to do their best to bring on the crazies. And let’s hope he has to sign a contract that says he will keep the ones that have escaped from the asylum for at least four weeks. We have to get some drama from somewhere.

I have to agree with all the IHGB posters that ABC should have picked a new face. This jilted altar thing is getting old. However, I felt the exact same way when I learned that DD was going to be the next Bachelorette, and look how great this season turned out to be!

I’d be willing to bet that the following will occur:
1. There will be two single mothers that can relate to Jason’s life

2. Some sort of reference to Sleepless in Seattle

3. Our Host Chris Harrison will constantly remind us that Jason’s proposal was REJECTED and that ABC had to help a brother out because HUNDREDS of you wrote in to say you would marry Jason

4. There will be gifts for Ty, including but not limited to: golf balls, ducks, teddy bears, Space Needles, Hannah Montana pillow cases and a board game that recalls the life of Jason (as described on Wikipedia) so Ty won’t forget his Daddy while he is in the Grand Bahamas.

Of course, Ty will only be able to play this board game between Baby Gap photo shoots.

So what do you think? Melba toast Mimi or Gardetto style? What moments do you predict will happen this season? Discuss below and let the countdown begin!


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