Men Tell All

Before you get excited about how this is an uncharacteristic EARLY posting, you should know that I come to you from the future.  It’s already tomorrow afternoon.

You see…I’m in Istanbul.  Not Constantinople.  As in Turkey. This is the view from my room:

Around hour two of the 15 hour travel day is when I missed “Men Tell All.”  From the amount of messages, texts, tweets and emails I’ve received, Emily really held her own.  Good for her!

Back to Turkey…

Since the trip was so last minute, I had to pick between missing MTA or the finale.  Of course, I chose the finale.

Since I missed out, I decided to hold a little contest.  I want to hear YOUR most memorable moments from last night. All you have to do is finish this sentence as if you are an ABC announcer:

“After the commercial…”

And then tell me something that happened last night that was awesome.  For example:

“After the commercial, Our Host Chris Harrison invites Sean to join him in the hot seat and the set implodes from spontaneous combustion.”

“After the commercial, Ryan explains that his girly white tank top was a sale item at Neiman Marcus.  Was it the women’s section?  Find out after the break.”

After the commercial, Emily rips Kalon a new one.  Little Ricki cheers from the front row.”

Five lucky winners will receive super cool, all-the-rage, iHateGreenBeans magnets directly from me!  And a piece of gum!

It can be real.  It can be made up.  It makes no difference to me.  GET CREATIVE!

All about the fame, not the shame,




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