Midnight showing of “New Moon”

So I went to the Jackopierce acoustic concert (awesome) last night and had every intention of going to the midnight showing of New Moon.

But I was too tired after the show ended.  And I went to the early one.  How sad is that?

I know.  I’m a bad fan.  I do have advanced tickets to join all the tweens and their mothers after work, so never fear, I will continue my Harry Potter and Twilight Saga tradition of seeing the new films on opening weekend.

I’m actually getting a bit nervous about it though.  I hear it’s really bad acting.  Fortunately…I have no problem with bad acting or movies that don’t encourage me to think on a deep level.  (I’m sure  if you checked out the DVDs I have in my collection, you probably would come to that conclusion on your own.)   But I’m going to persevere for this reason alone:

Have I ever mentioned that I’m Team Jacob?


I figured we all needed a place to share our feelings about the movie.  Sound off below and let me know if you liked it in an “oh-my-awesomeness” way, or if you knew it would be lame and you are just embracing the cheese because that’s your nature.  Have fun!


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