Mix tape


There are a handful of people who know me well and Natalie Weakly is one of them. As self-proclaimed Queen of the Mix Tape, you can imagine my squeal of delight when Natalie presented me with this necklace for no particular reason. This piece screams LINCEE and I know it’s cool jewelry because Natalie dresses people for a living.

Thank you Natalie. It’s never coming off. I don’t care if you think it doesn’t technically go with everything I will ever wear in my life, it’s not coming off.


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Lincee, it’s your ultimate Statement Necklace! Thanks for all of your “mix tape” recaps which miraculously got me through Bachelor in Paradise.

BTW, that necklace is darling!

Natalie W

Ha! You are so very welcome! I second your nomination as Queen of the Mix Tape. Should it ever come to a vote I will wholeheartedly campaign on your behalf.