IHGB Movie Review: ‘Black Panther’

IHGB Movie Review: Black Panther
Rated: PG-13
Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o

The Trailer:

The Gist: Son rises to the thrown after his father’s death. Some are excited. Others are not.

My Thoughts:

  • The movie does a great job introducing the audience to T’Challa — the Black Panther. If you watched previous Marvel movies, you know that his father died. He was the king of the nation of Wakanda, which is enclosed in a magical realm in Africa. This film provides a much needed origin story and picks up when T’Challa returns to Wakanda to take the thrown.
  • I don’t say this lightly: Black Panther is one of the coolest superheroes in spandex. He’s right up there with my boy Captain America. I think it’s the patriotism that gets me every time. He makes me want to live in Wakanda.
  • Peter Parker is a close third.
  • Chadwick Boseman plays Black Panther. He is so smooth. There’s no anger or hatred in his heart. It’s only justice and respect for his people.
  • There is a car chase sequence that made me say, “Whoa” and “Cool” and “Neat-o!”
  • I’m kidding. I don’t ever say “neat-o.” I wanted to make sure you were paying attention.
  • Anyway, the car sequence is well done. Also, I have no idea how anyone is supposed to defeat the Black Panther. If you hit him, he only gets stronger. I was confused, but not enough to ask anyone about the intricacies of his powers or to look it up on Wikipedia myself. That’s called “adopting the moment.”
  • My absolute favorite character, without a doubt, is T’Challa’s little sister Shuri. She is the comic relief and steals the show (in a good way) every time she is on the screen. Shuri keeps her brother grounded and helps him to relax a little. She’s also the brains behind the technology, not just in T’Challa’s Black Panther suit, but the entire nation. I will watch anything Letitia Wright does from now on. She’s that adorable.
  • Danai Guria plays Okoye, the general of an all-female warrior army who swears to protect the throne and country. There’s no other way to describe her than a bad a$$. She’s strong, loyal, and incredibly intimidating at times.
  • Lupita Nyong’o plays Nakia, who is equally as strong as Okoye, but pushes the boundaries of tradition. Black Panther has Okoye in one ear, Nakia in the other, and Shuri in his face. And he manages to listen to all of them. Impressive!
  • Do you know what else is impressive? Angela Bassett’s genes. THE WOMAN DOES NOT AGE. When she rolls up as T’Challa’s mom, I gaped at her gorgeousness for a few seconds before honestly thinking to myself, “Angela Bassett isn’t old enough to be this dude’s mother.” Then I got over it because her cheek bones beckoned me to stare at them. I later learned that Angie is almost sixty years old. She can make a fortune if she releases her skin care regime. I’d drink that Kool-Aid in a heartbeat.
  • Seriously, every woman on this set has the prettiest skin I’ve ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous. I need to moisturize more often than I do, apparently.
  • The guys have pretty nice skin, too. When they take away all that pesky armor, there are multiple sets of abs to admire. Let me put it this way: Michael B. has been crunching things.
  • Michael B. is also a relatable bad guy. I like when the antagonist makes me understand where all the underlying anger comes from. With that said, Erik Kilmonger is a mean dude who does mean things to innocent people.
  • You will love the rhinoceros.
  • I laughed a lot more than I planned on laughing.
  • Randall Pearson sighting!
  • Martin Freeman is a joy. And kudos to his American accent!
  • I enjoyed multiple fight scenes and rooted for the love story.
  • I looked at my watch one time.

Survey Says:
Black Panther smashed records over the weekend. It’s estimated that the film made $218 million in three days. Like most superhero movies, the bad guys attempt, and sometimes succeed, killing the good guys. This is where the PG-13 rating comes in. Otherwise, I think there’s something for everyone in the family. You will cheer and then you will be in shock. You will laugh and you will get a little teary. You will want to shave your head, realize that look probably won’t work on you, and then decide to wear black leather for the foreseeable future.

Bottom line: Go see this Black Panther on the big screen!

Photo By: Disney.com
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2 years ago

I agree with the review completely! I loved it … beginning to end. Beautiful scenery in Wakanda and in-depth characters. Very well done. And, side note, this was one of my favorite Stan Lee moments, except for Thor: Ragnarok.

Overall great movie. My daughter and I give it Two Thumbs Up!

2 years ago

Behold Angela Bassett’s skin care line (but it’s formulated for women of color…and it ain’t cheap): https://www.molecular-cosmetics.com/angelabassett

2 years ago

I agree with everything said in your review. Awesome movie and two thumbs up!

2 years ago

Excellent commentary, Lincee! I especially appreciate the watch check count. Since you first ranked a movie that way, I have noticed how often or little I do that in a movie.

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