My dog has fleas

On the first day of every new year, I write out a list of goals on the front page of my journal. I always attempt to hit a multitude of topics and try to not make the goal too general, like “be happy” or “cook more.”

In 2011, I decided I needed to learn a craft and chose to be a balloon artist. You can read all about that adventure HERE and HERE.

This year, I felt the need to learn a musical instrument. I think this comes from my desire to both be cool and look talented. Let the record show that I am, nor have I ever been, anywhere near musically inclined. I’ve never advanced beyond the elementary school recorder.

The sole requirement I had for choosing a musical instrument was that it had to be mobile. The field was quickly narrowed down to harmonica and ukelele. When I ran the option by my Mama, she reminded me that she used to play the ukulele back in the ’60s and could probably find her old “uke” (as the regulars call them) up in the attic.

Vintage is definitely cool. Plus, I like free things.

“HERE IT IS!” she said as she came bustling down the stairs.
Me: “Do you know any songs?”
Mama: “I only know House of the Rising Sun.”

Due to a weird string and some tuning issues, we weren’t able to truly appreciate the magnitude and the emotion of the song as she strummed.

For a mere $20, Guitar Center re-strung and cleaned up Mama’s ukulele. When I picked it up from the kid sporting a mohawk and nose ring, he told me my “uke” was “totally dope” and a collectors item.

See? I felt cooler just carrying it out of the store!

I know what you’re thinking right now, and the answer is yes. This WILL BE the first song I learn on my new uke:

Move over Don. There’s a new Ho in town!


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