My Initial Thoughts

When I read ABC’s announcement of the next Bachelor, I was excited to hear the details of the lucky man’s life. Several points stood out to me as I read the release:

“Not born with a silver spoon in his mouth…”
The release was a little over 400 words with the following characteristics in practically every sentence: sincere, self-made man, successful, self-made entrepreneur, determined, committed, works diligently, booming business career, good work ethic, provider, strong values, appreciative of what he has accomplished on his own.
I think he wants us to know that he didn’t come from money.

“May be the series’ hottest guy yet.”
Naturally, I will have to judge this statement based on the few pictures I’ve seen on the Interweb. His eyes are gorgeous. Love the smile. I seem to continue to notice his neck. The body does have potential. Of course, one can’t really tell how hot a guy is until he takes his shirt off. It’s scientific fact. Everyone knows this.

“He’s the Bachelor’s own McSteamy.”

Seriously ABC? You’re going to go there? Seriously?

“Currently residing in Austin, Texas…”
Well there you have it. Best. Bachelor. Ever.“…Livingston, Texas, where he went to high school.”
I’m detecting a “good ole’ boy” vibe. Probably baled hay and roped a few cows in his day. Probably why he is so tan. Love that.

“Co-owns four lucrative bars…”
Prediction 1: How many girls are going to ask him to make a drink?
Prediction 2: How many girls are going to try and impress by making him a drink?
Prediction 3: SHOOTERS! Last one standing wins one-on-one time!
Prediction 4: He falls for the girl who prefers an ice cold bottle of Corona and nurses it all night long while rolling her eyes at the girls with fruit in their drinks

“He got into bartending with his twin brother, Chad.”
Please. PLEASE ABC. I beg of you to pull the old switcheroo and have Chad go out as Brad so that he can help his brother make a more educated decision on which girl to choose. That is classic TV my friends. At the very least, have him come to the bar on SHOOTERS night and freak the drunken girls out with mind games. ABC intern…my pal, my compadre…you know you thought of this. Make it happen!

I have to admit. I’m excited. They caught me…hook, line and sinker. Anyone else ready for the ride?


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