Not my week

I have been meaning to write since last week.  There is so much to talk about.  My Dad is now known as the “Addie Whisperer” in close circles.  I have a crazy work story that involves a man in a Hawaiian shirt and two dogs in a conference room.  “Dancing with the Stars” water cooler talk, including Shark’s shorty shorts that made me uncomfortable.  And I never recapped the Taylor Swift concert I recently experienced.   


On Saturday, I twisted my knee and it swelled up to the size of a large melon before my eyes.  I’m used to this really.  In 1994, I tore my ACL on the 50-yard-line of Bobcat Stadium after executing a beautiful cartwheel off the fence to the tune of “Wild, Wild West.”  Fast forward to 1998 in ballet class at Baylor and you would find me leaping across the floor only to land weird and crumble into a ball on the floor with a second ACL tear.


So a little swelling after salsa class is nothing.  Cha-cha-cha-ing with Roberto?  Priceless.  I’m just saying.


Then there was Monday night.  The bad news is that my purse was stolen.  Someone out there had a good time with my credit cards at convenient stores and I’m hoping none of you received prank calls last night.  If you did, more than likely it was not me. 


The good news is that I found my purse in the boy’s bathroom this morning and he was nice enough to leave my lip gloss in the side pocket.  Silver lining?  Moist lips for making all the phone calls do cancel and reissue things.  SCORE!


Lessons learned: 


1.                  Stop carrying a purse. 

2.                  Always have a spare key to your apartment that lives in the same city as the city you live in. 

3.                  Always have a spare key to your car handy. 

4.                  Never have a locksmith make you a key…go to the dealership. 

5.                  It’s good manners to send a Starbucks gift card to the parts technician at the Toyota place who let you cry on his shoulder during your first nervous breakdown of the day.

6.         Begin letter-writing campaign to American Idol that involves viewers being able to submit votes for Allison on the website, because NOT ALL of us have cell phones for texting and calling FOX!

7.                  Keep a bottle of Advil in both your purse AND your house…that way…you don’t have to search and rescue old Advils in the bottom of other purses to ease the headache that will inevitably develop after several hours of your car alarm going off since your one bottle of Advil was in the stolen purse contents that are taking a joy ride around Houston EZ marts.


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