Not your typical work conversation

Note to reader: I’m in South Texas for work with a photographer.

Photographer Craig: “Let’s go over here and get some shots. Maybe with that turkey in the background?”
Lincee…very calmly: “Craig. There’s a rattlesnake.”

Craig…just as calm: “Where?”
Lincee: “Step to your right. It’s under the bench you are standing by.”

Craig steps away and begins taking pictures of rattlesnake while Lincee retrieves our King Ranch wildlife biologist as if it were no big deal. Lincee and Craig pow wow by a tree while being eaten to death by mosquitoes as the guide decides the best way to “harvest” the snake.

Craig: “I think we handled that well.”
Lincee: “Considering my initial reaction was to scream my head off and run the opposite direction, I’d say so.”


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