Offshore Technology Conference and Recap Update

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year. The Offshore Technology Conference is off to a good start! So far, my head hurts, my feet ache, my back is killing me, my hair is doing some weird half curl because of the rain, I’m having a stomach “issue” with some questionable Reliant Stadium lettuce I ate for lunch and I’ve just relaxed my PR smile for the first time in eight hours. ONLY TWO MORE TO GO! SCORE!

I know “Women Tell All” is tonight and I am going to do my best to keep my eyes open long enough to write the recap immediately after the show. Typically I write the next day, giving the juicy details a little more time to marinate in my head. But if I did that, there wouldn’t be anything posted until about 7:00 tomorrow night. And we just can’t have that.

So I’m going to write it. My webMAN Jason is going to post it, along with a poll to see who YOU think Matty will choose. Let’s see how close the votes are to the real outcome next week! I’m going to say $5 that we are 50/50. Make sure to vote tomorrow.

Okay. I’m headed back out there. Those media people aren’t going to schmooze themselves.


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